New Trends are blasting in Granger’s halls


FASHION has  been part of society since the 14th century. It was a way to show other people that more money,time was put into the outfit.

Also showed what stated that person had (money). Now a days it’s a bit similar. But nowadays more options are introduced into play makeup, a huge variety of accessories, sometimes if desired plastic surgery.

Everyone would like  to get those kylie jenner lips going. But now fashion is more of a way to express how someone could feel or their point in fashion. Or to simply make a statement.

No everyone is on the same page on fashion but that is where the beauty comes from. Imagine how boring life would be if everyone liked the same thing.

“I like the eyebrow fashion the thickness of it and the perfection of it. I like to express myself in fashion but have no clue how I can do that knowing that I work in a school environment. When not at school is more flowy, dressy, summer dresses.

Staring in high school that was when started to dress up. I have liked all the new trends back in the day. Now it’s just something to laugh at. Britney spears was my inspiration in high school,” Ms.Webb said

Of Course every lancer will have the same fashion inspiration. Not everyone will meet eye to eye. Some could see fashion as more of things are being accepted or just about anything, introduced into the fashion industry.

But one thing to keep in mind is that everyone can rock off their favorite piece of clothing.Or some fashion trends that some lancers would like to stay away from.

“We are in the times where anythings can be accepted. Biggest trends that I see going on is the ripped jeans, shaving some parts of our head. So much more pressure is going into makeup, how the makeup is done more than anything else.

One trend that I dislike is the “highlight” some people go a little too far. One trend that I have seen a lot of guys are how much volume goes into their hair. Not a bad thing, lancers can pull it off.” Cody Smith (12) said

On the other hand it could just be a 50-50. Lancers can agree that some things can look pretty cool. Others can be  just a plain nightmare.

One things is for sure some lancers do like to dress up, nothing is wrong with dressing up bit more than other days. Or put on your best clothes for a special occasion.

“For me fashion now a days is a 50-50 somthings will look nice, some things are not my style, some things can seem a bit skimpy. Fashion can be restricting.

My fashion iteration is my mom, Selena Quillintinia, Juliet Simms, Andy Biersack. I love to get dressed up, it also depends on the occasion. My favorite fashion statement are chokers, flower crowns.”Megan Fonseca (11) said

There has been many gorgeous accessories on runways from flower crowns, a very classie look, to things that just look like the fashion line did not know what else to come up with.

“Fashion nowadays on a runway can be very strange. Liza Koshy is my fashion inspiration she can always look so cute but one thing for sure she is always comfortable.

Another fashion inspirations my friend Tiara she always looks good, don’t care what anyone thinks of her style. One trend that I love is oversized sweaters, snapbacks, flannels.” Claire Sagendorf (11) said

Also one thing that will never go out of fashion is the confidence to rock whatever the heart desires.