Typical High School cliques still do exist

EACH SCHOOL is different and has their own little set up for different groups. Granger High School is one of those schools. Since the school has been built students have made their mark and started to have their own little “spots” where students go to hangout or eat or just get together from time to time, or even on a daily.

Our own administration has noticed it like Mr. Neilson, “ I am new to Granger but I have noticed that there are a few hangout spots that have been very popular. At lunch I don’t get to walk around much outside of the lunch room but I have noticed the football boys and baseball boys have their designated spots. From my office I can see in front of the gym and that is known as the “Polly Hall” also very known,” said Neilson. Granger is a very diverse school so it is very common to see many different groups and cliches hanging out in certain spots.

A few different examples are  like the baseball team, the football boys, and the theatre kids. Even though they aren’t super exciting places they are well known to the teams. One of our baseball boys Garrett Curtis (11)  had some to say. “We usually hangout in the locker room. Don’t really do much but we all are in there most of the time. At lunch we typically sit at one of the round tables. I would say it’s mostly the same every year,” said Curtis.

Also there are other spots that are not just for sports and “jocks” it’s also for theatre kids and other clubs and groups. Jonathan Jordan (12) is in the theatre department and the auditorium is the place to be. “ For theatre we are either in the auditorium, black box, or even in the amphitheatre. During lunch everyone either does their own thing or they go to the black box or commons. If students are in the theatre department students know about these spots,” said Jordan. These spots seem typical in most schools, but also is a good take on Granger High School being so diverse.

Each high school is different but Granger High has a different good feel to it. Even though these hangout spots are known to many students here, they are a safe place. Mr. Neilson said above that this school is new to him but it is nothing like he has seen before, but in a good way. As in the fact that the “Polly hall” is the main hangout spot but yet anyone who walks over there doesn’t feel unsafe or anything.

These hangout spots are named and labeled but in reality it doesn’t matter who sits where. The school is very welcoming and these hangout spots should not play a roll in if the school has good or bad cliches because every school has them. A good take on this is what these groups do not only in school but outside of school and Jasmine Bullock (11) had a say. “As a team we hangout down by the lockers in L-Hall just to talk about drill next year and how it’ll be different. Outside of school as a team we go out to Leatherby’s or to our coaches house to hangout and eat,” said Bullock.

It is a part of high school to have these groups and they are very known to many students here. As a freshman it is a little different to see but once a senior these “hangout spots” are not harmful and anyone can sit there or even just “chill” there if they would like. Things change every year so this might not apply next year, but it is going to happen and students would adapt.