New faces are running Granger High School

GRANGER has chosen their new SBO’s and class officers and Granger couldn’t be more excited to see what they have to offer. Granger High School has elected seven new Student Body Officers, including our new President, Vice President, Diversity Vice President, Secretary, PR, and Event Coordinator.

The campaign process is one that many of our lancers look forward to when starting to run for SBO officers. “I filmed a regular youtube video promoting myself, and I also made flyers that were criminal inspired, and a social media video that was American Horror Story themed video for Instagram and Twitter.” Luis Tobar (12) said.

Luis Tobar is our new Diversity Vice President, “ It’s super fun to be an SBO, you get to meet a bunch of new people. It’s my job as Diversity Vice President to basically be friends with everyone and make sure everyone is friends and feeling safe and included around the school.” Tobar said.

Without SBO’s, those well thought out assemblies, those friendly faces you see around the school. Thank fellow Granger SBO’s for that, the campaigning the SBO’s did during the process was interesting and creative. Making videos, tshirts, posters, and even geofilters are just a few ways that these lancers stepped up their campaign.

“I started campaign really early by telling people I was running for president, I also just started bonding with different groups of people, I spammed all of my social media accounts. Rudy Suaste made all of my posters around the school, I really appreciate what he did.” Joseph Alvarez (12) said.

Next year is Granger High School’s 60th anniversary and the SBO’s have never been more excited. “We have a Hunter game for Homecoming, we just want next year to be big. Leading, I want to show my school spirit and I have a lot of it, so hopefully it will trickle down to my fellow lancers. I want school spirit to be contagious.” Alvarez said.

There is also our Service Learning Coordinator, “I started with a lot of advertising through LIA, but this job is appointed by teachers, so there was no vote. I as our Service Learning Coordinator, get the word out about service projects for fellow students.” Melisa Navarrete (12) said.

“As SBO president, I represent the whole student body, I advocate for their education, I want them to be here and have everyone be proud to be a Granger Lancer, Granger is such a different school, but it is a good different.” Alvarez said.

The tech behind all of this craziness, Jeffrey Hoang, “As Public Relations Director, it is my job to make videos, photoedit and take pictures of school events and portraits, basically anything tech related, that is my job.” Jeffrey Hoang (12) said.