Upcoming teachers

NEW TEACHERS usually get paid about $33,000 per year when it’s their first year of teaching. After years and years of low teacher salaries, Granite District’s new teacher salary will increase dramatically to $41,000. Although new teachers will now make a lot more money, they are also more likely to suffer from high stress levels.

New teachers are interviewed for about 15-20 minutes and then administrators decide which applicant will work better with the students and faculty.

“The requirements for new teachers include having a teaching certificate and college degree. They also need to complete a background check,” Mr. Beck said.

New teachers that have been teaching for one, two, or even three years are given the opportunity to go to a training camp that is offered by the school district. Teachers attend for about a week and it will help them with any questions they may have.

“The most important thing to remember is to build relationships with your students. This will help you know what they need and they will work much harder for you when they know you truly care. Be able to laugh in class, it helps to lighten the mood from time to time,” according to the mindstepsinc.com website.

Getting to know the students is a big part of education. The more teachers and administrators know about students and their backgrounds, the more they can connect with them. New administrators, however, have it a bit harder. Having to make sure that everything is running correctly and that the students are safe and getting the correct classes is a must.

“Not knowing them is hard, so getting to know them is even harder. For new teachers and administrators, I think it’s very important to make a connection with the students so we can get to know what they’re like. They need to have good communicating skills and not be lazy,” Yazmine Gallardo (10) said.

Both teachers and administrators have differences and similarities. They both work to make the school community a better place while maintaining to take very different roles. Depending on the category you are placed in, the amount of income either decreases or increases. For example, a new principal makes about $90,410 a year but throughout time it can increase up to $131,310 a year. Many principals enter administration after several years of classroom teaching, so their ‘starting’ salaries do not qualify as ‘first-year’ salaries.

“To be a good staff member, whether it be administrator or teacher, you have to be nice, fun, and have a positive attitude—especially when you’re going to teach at a high school. Make sure to know when to be fun but also know when to be controlling and take over when it comes down to it,” Lesly Bermudez (11) said. Being new to a school means it’s important to make a good first impression.

If new teachers are rude to the students, there is a good chance the students aren’t going want to start a conversation or just talk about anything. Having an understanding point of view is necessary, and it’s important to understand that the faculty and staff are here to help whenever the students need it and they won’t turn their back on them.

Students should feel the need to help look out for the new teachers and not tease him or make them feel bad. New teachers deserve the same amount of respect as the rest of the teachers. It’s not an easy job, and it will take a bit of time to get comfortable.