Lancers get ready for their last walk as seniors


GRADUATION can be a stressful time for seniors and the parents of those seniors. There are some things that the graduating seniors and parents can do to help prepare for graduation day. These do’s and don’ts are some key tips that can help make graduation a lot better.

“Don’t do anything stupid, no senior pranks. On graduation day, you should dress your nicest like it’s your day to shine,” Mr. Schmeling said. “For parents, they should bring something to take pictures of this exciting moment and be proud of their student’s achievements.”

Granger High parents usually go all out for their students and show how proud they are by spoiling them on graduation day. Some parents go all out and some don’t, regardless the parents of this graduating class.

“Granger parents usually go all out for their students with posters, balloons, and leis. Some students have so many that you can barely see their faces. Letting parents know that this event is a big deal and that a lot of parents go all for it,” Ms. Green said.

This event is something that students should be dressed nice for—it is a big event. Graduation is always big and celebrated, so students and parents should make it a day to remember. Although it is big deal, students and their families shouldn’t cause disruptions.

“Don’t bring air horns because they will kick you out for it. And be sure to know when to stop yelling, you don’t want to be rude and prevent other parents from hearing their students’ names called,” Green said. “A good word of advice for females would to be to wear big, poofy dresses because that way, when you are wearing your gown, it’s not just ankles,” Green said.

Graduation is definitely a big deal and high school coming to an end can be sad, but just because high school is coming to an end that doesn’t mean life stops. After graduation, students must have plans and must know what they are going to do. Life doesn’t stop so keep looking forward.

“Advice I would give a senior who is about to graduate is to get to your passion as soon as possible whether it be college or your career or training as soon as possible, do not take a year off to hang out, because you will never go and you will never have time to go back and catch up,” Mr. Okeson said.

The day a student graduates is the day they show thanks to everyone, especially those who have helped them get through the hard patches the students had in high school. Giving thanks is important and means a lot to those who are thanked.

“Be sure to thank everybody that has helped you get to where you are like: parents, grandparents, friends, and teachers. Be appreciative of them and thank them for helping you and enjoy the day, because you will never have another day like that again in your life,” Okeson said.

After high school ends, some will miss it and some will not, but no one can doubt that high school is a very unique experience. Some have a hard time letting go of high school, and others walk away without looking back. For the class of 2017, May 26 is the day they’ll find out which it is.