A late start makes Mondays less of a drag

MONDAY mornings are always a drag, but having it as a late start day makes it easier for students to cope. Granger High students love having the extra hour to get ready for the day and love that they can sleep in a little bit. Also, they can use this time to help them get caught up with their classes.

Late starts or early out days are a tradition that most schools in Utah do. Some of the schools let their students out earlier on Fridays to help start the exciting weekend. But here at Granger we have late start Mondays and the students wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Since the beginning of the year, I have had an extremely hard time going to class, but I feel like that as the year goes on, I begin to feel more and more dead in the mornings,” Isaiah Lusk (11) said. “I love school, and all my teachers say I’m smart, but it is just super hard to get the energy to go to class every day,” Lusk said.

As the year goes on, students start to hate waking up every morning to get ready for school, some feel that Monday’s start time should be the time school starts every day. Many students believe that if it were like this, more students would show up to school.

“I come to school early on Mondays, usually at about 7:30. I get here early so that I have time to make up some grades and to work on my computer programming stuff, like right now we are making games,” Jesus Jimenez (11) said. “I think that late start should be on Fridays, because then it is like I am starting my weekend sooner,” he said.

Some feel that as students they do not get enough sleep and that they are assigned too much homework. More homework means less sleep, and that is why Granger High students cherish their Monday mornings with that extra hour of sleep. Some use the extra time to hang out with friends.

“I get to school at about 7:30 on Mondays, but I only get here that early because I get a ride from my dad. I also get here to hang-out with my friends and have a good time till the bell rings to go to class,” Brock Benavidez (12) said. “I like having late start on Mondays because it kind of eases me into the week,” Benavidez said.

Seniors have the hardest time getting up and going to school especially during this time in the school year. Seniors get hit pretty hard with senioritis at this time of the year and it is killer for some of them. Some can really handle the senioritis but others not so much.

“As the year goes on it becomes harder to go to class, like I no longer have any energy or will to even be here. But since it is my senior year, I have to actually go to class, and actually be at school all the time,” Kyle Tolley (12) said. “It has always been hard for me to go to class, but this is when it counts, so I have to be here,” he said.

Although it may be tough to go to school every day and to be on time, the students here at Granger High would not have their late start any other way. There are pros and cons to every situation, but Monday mornings definitely have more pros, and that is why students love it so much. There is a certain vibe that Monday mornings bring, and the students love it.