With noon tee times, golf is the hardest sport for fans to follow

UNDERRATED. That is how our girls golf team feels about how the school views golf. Golf is a very hard-working group of girls, and that team feels it needs a little more recognition. Not many people talk about the sport or attend any of the tournaments. Golf to these girls is just as important as football or basketball is to our school, but without any of the recognition.

Emily Brown (12), a Granger High School senior, joined the golf team as a junior, “I joined golf when I didn’t make the softball team, so my grandma put me in golf, and now I really enjoy it,” Brown said. Many people think the sport is very boring or not as exciting as other contact sports, like basketball or football.

Others were born into the sport, “My family plays golf, and my dad started me playing when I was really young, so I was sort of expected to play golf. I enjoy playing because it is an individual sport, and I only have to depend on myself instead of worrying about tackling other people or anyone else,” Ryan Stone (10) said.

Coach Crowther is the girls and boys golf coach as well as the boys basketball coach. “I have been playing golf for ten years, I coached at Taylorsville for three years and at Granger for six years so in total, I have been coaching for about nine years.” Coach Crowther said.

Many of the girls think golf needs a bit more recognition. “The school should make posters and more people should be talking about it. We like when people know who we are, but I feel like this year, not many people know about girls golf,” Brown said.

The team feels that Lancers at this school might not really think it is an interesting sport. “I feel they think that golf is a sport for older people, and it is not. It is actually a very fun and easy sport to play. It is just like any other sport, we work as a team, we support as a team, and win as a team,” Zezhile Hansen (11) said.

Our girls golf coach has been playing for many years and loves to involve new faces in the sport that he loves. “I golf in a league, but I also golf with my son. It is frustrating that golf is not as recognized as football or basketball. It is a game that is fun and it is a game that you can play longer than football or basketball, some people even play until they are in their ‘70s,” Crowther said.

There are many things our Lancer golfers enjoy about golf, “I like seeing all of the different golf courses—they are so pretty. And I like just being with my team and making these bonds with girls that I probably would never have been friends with if it weren’t for golf,” Brown said.

Granger High School’s SBOs are even trying to get golf more recognized around the school, “Our girls deserve the recognition, it is a pretty difficult sport, and we do not give them the recognition they should be getting. We should be making them posters and televising them and hyping them up as much as we do with other sports,” Luis Tobar (11) said.