School-based police officers make schools safer for everyone


GRANGER High is one of many schools to have school officers that are there for student protection. School officers have a huge job to fulfill their responsibilities. For the student body at Granger there are over 3,000 students and we have 2-3 officers during the day. However, officers also go to sporting events, assemblies, and other school functions.

The school officers that Granger High School has are there for the students and the staff to keep everyone happy and safe. They are not there to hurt anyone or be rude, they are there to make sure everyone is obeying school rules and the law. It’s not easy for an officer to work at a school, because many students think they are “snitches” and going after them for no reason.

However, many of Granger’s students and staff love the school officers here because they feel safe and know it’s for the best. “I think having an officer at school is a good thing because they can handle problems that the administrators can’t. I like knowing that the school has cops, just in case something bad was to happen,” Kayla Skaurud (12) said. Many students would agree with Skaurud that having police officers in a high school is a good idea.

That said, some students do not think that police officers are needed at a high school. Wylliam Jarvo (11) had a lot to say about school officers and how they make him feel. “They make me uncomfortable, but they are unnecessary. They kind of just linger. If a fight breaks out, all of our faculty can stop it. Cops always give me dirty looks and they judge people and all they really do is disapprove. I don’t think they make me feel any safer. I feel like I have to be on edge all the time, even though I don’t do anything wrong,” Jarvo said.

Justin Congrove (12) partially agrees with Jarvo, but they still have some conflicting opinions. “I definitely do not like them.” Congrove said.  “I have had a bad experience with them, as in killing friends and family members. Some are just plain rude for no reason. I feel like school cops are OK, but it just really depends. Personally, I haven’t had a bad experience with the school officers. I do think the school is “safer” having them around.”

The internet is filled with stories about how amazing officers are in general. That is not wrong, communities cannot go wrong with having protection at a high school, especially Granger High School considering the number of students attending. An officer’s only job is to protect and serve, and there is nothing wrong with that. Students can become very biased based on personal encounters with the police. Students’ opinions are also influenced by their family/friends’ encounters with police.

Officers deserve a voice here as well. “The job is very enjoyable, but it is busy. Well, I really like working with young people, it is very enjoyable. It is very different being out on the streets. The upside is everything that goes on and being able to participate. The downside is the very few people that cause problems here at the school. My intent is to make the school a safer place, and I think it is important to have a cop here instead of a cop having to respond [from the police station]. It is just easier and safer,” officer Randall said.

In the end, it is pretty even with the number of students that like the officers at Granger High School and half that don’t. Teachers would beg to differ that cops in schools are a good thing because they control things most staff members can’t. Officers are a good thing to have in high schools.