Adv. theatre rocks

THEATRE is a big part of some people’s lives. Some students in theatre want to continue doing theatre next year, or for seniors continue doing it as a full-time job.

Rachel Guerra (10) said she loves theatre so much she’ll keep doing it, “I will keep doing it because it’s a good place and it’s my passion and I like to be able to become different personalities,” Guerra said.

A lot of the theatre students really love doing what they do, and they look up to others for motivation/inspiration, “There are a lot of people like Ms. Anderson, she’s inspiring because she can teach and act, too. She never gives up on us, she’s always positive and she always pushes us to do our best,” Guerra said.

Even though some might continue with doing musicals and plays, there are some who would do other sorts of acting. Jett Larson (10) said he would consider doing movies as well, “I would totally do movies because it’s like the same concept, but you don’t get the audience feel.”

“While most may think theatre is all about acting, there is a lot more that goes into theatre, definitely gonna keep doing theatre because it’s like my life even if I don’t wanna act I could always get into what makes a play a play,” Larson said.

The advanced theatre class is a mix of seniors, juniors, and sophomores. All are great actors, but although they might be great actors, they might not want to continue doing theatre.

“I have been debating on continuing doing it after high school because I want to become a sports medicine doctor instead, but I’ll do it for sure next year. I’ll see where it goes from there,” Jonathan Harr (10) said. “Inspiration is how most of the theatre students got into theatre in the first place. They have a few people who have made them realize theatre is something for them, I have a few people who have inspired me like Angel Herrera—he was a senior last year, and theatre really turned his life around.”

Colton Hunter (11) doesn’t plan to continue theatre in the future, “Personally I’m not super into theatre I just needed to fill a hole in my schedule, but I might use some aspects of theatre in my life. I’m not looking to pursue theatre in the future.”

Although some might not want to continue theatre, they know what they’d want to do if they did continue, “If I were to continue theatre, I’d look towards Disney movies because Disney is life.” Hunter said.

While an audience sees only what happens onstage, they don’t see the hours and hours of practice behind the performance. There is much more that goes on to help achieve the goal of putting on a great show.