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Billy Budd takes the stage at Granger High School

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Billy Budd takes the stage at Granger High School





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GRANGER High put on the theatre production of Billy Budd. The play Billy Budd was an intense and fun play, but not for all ages.

Billy Budd has lived all of his life on a ship and when he ends up boarding a new one, things start to change for him. Since he hasn’t known anything else, he has a hard time realizing who has good intentions and who has bad ones.

During the play, you will feel many different emotions from happy to sad to irritable.

Billy Budd ends up making friends with the Master-at-Arms, John, who isn’t the best person on the ship to look up to. John turns his back on Billy Budd and tries to kill him, but the Captain is already ahead of him because the captain had caught him in a lie.

When things get heated, Billy ends up punching the Master-at-Arms for pretending to care about him and kills him in one blow to the face. Billy didn’t mean to kill him and ends up getting prosecuted afterward and this has a very big effect on everyone on the ship.

In a way, the play is very complex and will make you think about our government and authority in general. It will make you wonder if some of the decisions and rules that are provided are the best ones for us.

Making such a big decision for an incident that was an accident made a lot of people think about what is right or wrong. I believe that the play made some very excellent points, and I think a lot of people should question authority. I think that rules are guidelines made to protect us but in some cases, you just need to break them for the greater good.

Billy Budd took place on a ship that was built very well by stage crew. You could tell where they were on the ship, and all the different rooms and decks had their own style and it was noticeable.

The play was serious but also had a sense of humor behind it that made it enjoyable to watch. You will laugh at some parts, and maybe cry during the next scene. The actors in the play have had experience performing and you could tell.

I was honestly really surprised and shocked with this play. I don’t think that any of Granger’s theatre production has put on a show like this. I personally thought it was just as interesting as if it were to be a musical. I could tell that other people enjoyed it, because the people next to me were crying and kept talking about how good a play it was.

I thought the cast was very enthusiastic and you could tell that many of them were happy to be up there. Feeling the energy flowing within the crowd and the actors on stage is an awesome feeling for everyone in the room, and being in there you could feel how empowering that was.  It was a great show and made people think about life-changing decisions.

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Billy Budd takes the stage at Granger High School