Sweethearts makes ’em smile


SWEETHEARTS was a bangin’ time for everyone that was there. With the DJ playing music from Grease and people dressed as greasers, the mood was set. Day activities made the day so much better, and the groups loved the music.

“Me and my group went to Classic Fun Center, I picked the day activity. I think that the dance was really small, like not that many people went, but I still had a good time,” Lissette Naranjo (11) said. “I honestly think that Sadies was more fun just because there were more people at that dance,” Naranjo said.

The dances in-between Homecoming and Prom have a smaller turnout. More students may go to these dances, but that does not mean that the dances in-between aren’t fun. Most students might consider Sweethearts “lame”, but those who went have a different opinion on that.

“I had so much fun, I really liked how they played some of the music from Grease. I liked that it seemed different than other school. Personally, Sadies and sweethearts were good for me, but Homecoming [wasn’t],” Daisha Jeppeson (10) said.

Day dates are the key to making the night better. Some plan ahead and set out certain things they want to do, and others just wing it. Although sometimes it may be hard to get the plans together and have everyone be able to go, it’s always worth it in the end.

“The dance was a lot of fun for me, my date looked absolutely gorgeous,” Starly Wagstaff (11) said. “My day date was just us watching chick flicks and hanging out with friends,” Wagstaff said.

In the past the DJs have been bad, but many students felt that the DJ for sweethearts did really well. Although some loved him, others not so much.

“I didn’t really like the music, I felt like you couldn’t really dance to it,” Tommy Ngu (11) said. “My group made the dance better for me because they were dancing and having a blast,” Ngu said.

Although some students did not enjoy the dance as much as others, they still feel as though the dance was fun and their groups were having a blast. It is always fun to see the students’ fun and creative outfits for the school dances.

“I really liked the theme, it was cool to see everyone dressed up,” Will Lokotui (11) said. “I really enjoyed the dance and how they played music from the movie,” Lokotui said.

The students that are big fans of Grease think that it was cool that the DJ was playing songs directly from the movie.

“I think it was amazing, I liked how they had cookies. I liked the music too, I did not really know the people I was with, so it was kinda awkward but I still had fun,” Alex Maravilla (10) said.

Granger High students should be giving our school dances an opportunity to show how good they can be, the more students that show, up the better the dance will be. So, students: come to the dances, support the SBOs and other students by adding more people to the dances.

Give the less hyped-up dances a chance, even if something about the dance is lame, the people all around should make it fun. So instead of shooting down the dances, give them a chance and dance with the right people.