Lancers get different types of Christmas presents

CHRISTMAS presents are what many people look forward to on Christmas Eve, but more specifically on Christmas Day. All age groups enjoy getting Christmas gifts, whether it’s a five-year-old boy waiting for Santa to put the race car that he asked for under the tree or a teenager waiting for their parents to buy them a new phone. Presents are what help highlight the holiday.

Some Lancers have been roaming the halls with their new presents. Some people have the traditional Christmas Eve socks and underwear on, while others have been walking the halls blasting their music with the new Bluetooth speaker they got. They were satisfied with getting clothes for Christmas, which can be surprising since most teenagers complain about getting clothes and pajamas.

“I don’t mind getting clothes for Christmas, because it’s something that my parents have always been getting me every Christmas,” Raysha Rodriguez (9) said.

Some bonuses are that the clothes that are bought at Christmas time are the more expensive ones. ¨My parents got me clothes as one of my Christmas presents. It’s not much of a Christmas present, but whenever they buy my siblings and me clothes around Christmas time, they’re the nicer and more expensive type of clothing,” Rodriguez said.

Not only that, but some Lancers got presents that they can use year-round or in this case, until they grow out of it. At the same time others got things that they didn’t need, but wanted.

“My parents got me some shoes. I didn’t really need them, because I have tons of pairs, but they got me some new Nikes. They could’ve just gotten me some random Walmart shoes, but instead they decided to get me the ones that look good and last a lot longer, even though they’re somewhat more expensive,” Milagros Cuevas (9) said.

In a way, Lancers got things that they’d end up needing in the future. However, their parents were a little bit sneaky with it. Some parents asked their kids what they want for Christmas while others just know what their kids wanted since they’ve been hinting about it – like with the Nike shoes.

“Whenever I want something, I just hint to my brother about it and he usually gets it for me. You just have to try other ways of telling someone what you want,” Ms. Campbell said.

Meanwhile, other parents thought that having kids be able to pick their presents was more efficient, because then they can get whatever they want. That means no more wasting lots of money on gifts that’ll be put in the closet. Instead, people get various unwanted gifts, while others got gifts they weren’t really wishing for but still satisfied them.

“I got gift cards and money for Christmas, so I just went and bought things like make-up and the new highlights. I like it better when I get to choose my presents, because that way my parents don’t buy me things that I don’t like,” Myrka Bautista (9) said.

There’s lots of different types of gifts. It’s visual, because Lancers have been showing their Christmas presents off. Their new shoes, nice jackets, and headphones are what many teachers have been noticing these past few weeks.

“Giving and getting gifts become different when you get older. You realize more aspects of it,” Mr. Timothy said.