Multi-sport Artemis Miller inspires teammates


GRANGER takes great pride in athletics, especially in athletes. Many of the athletes at Granger are working towards their dreams, and they will do anything to reach them.  Many of these athletes continue to push themselves to get ready for college-level competition.

“Although I have not decided which college to go to, I am still thinking about using the sports I play to help me get into college. This year it is going good, although I have not talked to any scouts yet,” Artemis Miller (11) said.

Miller has been swimming since her freshman year, and that season she got athlete of the month. Miller has done many sports here at Granger High School including track and field and tennis.

“I started doing track and tennis last year, which was my sophomore year. I enjoy being connected to my school in more than just an educational sort of sense. I also love being a part of such an amazing group of people that are going for the same goals,” Miller said.

Miller’s teammates love her positivity and passion for the sports she plays.  She has fallen in love with all the sports she has played here at Granger High School. Miller has been working hard early mornings and late nights for a greater future.

“Artemis is such an inspiration, and she is one of my best friends. I do not think I would be doing swim right if not for her. She has pushed me to get better and I love her for that,” Isis Oro (11) said.

Being a student athlete is hard, but Miller always seems to pull through with great grades. Being smart, athletic and friendly are some amazing qualities for a high school student to have. Luckily for Miller, she has these great qualities.

“My grade point average has been a 4.0 since sophomore year. In freshman year, I messed up a little bit. I never procrastinate and I study for my tests. If I did procrastinate I don’t think my grades would be the same right now,” Miller said.

Student athletes need dedication and grit. Miller knows this all too well. She focuses on her sports and on her schooling, but some people have a hard time keeping up her fast lifestyle.

“You can be smart and not get anywhere in life, but if you work hard you will be sure to get somewhere,” Miller said.

Miller is a great friend, student, and athlete. She always knows how to make the people around her laugh but she always knows when to be serious. It is great to be friends with such an amazing person. She is always kind and always knows how to help everyone. Miller is a great role model for every student athlete to look up to.