Lancers finish the second quarter of the school year strong

MANY students can get excellent grades, while some have a more challenging time. With the courage and help of the staff, some students have been able to reach the grades and goals that they set in the beginning of the quarter.

“I’m doing the best I can in school. I come on time and I’ve only been absent once, so I think I’m on track,” Jose Flores (9) said.

But sometimes, ending the quarter great is just about passing the class with high enough grades. It may not always be exactly the grade imagined, but it’ll be just high enough to get credit for the class.

“At the moment, I have A’s, B’s, and C’s. They aren’t exactly where they need to be, because I know I can do better. But they’re all passing, so at the moment I’m at peace with my grades,” Mellissa Rockwell (9) said.

Lancers not only pass their classes and have good attendance, but they also strive for what will help them in the future by taking advanced classes. Accomplishing school-related goals within their most challenging classes contributes to Lancers’ feelings of success.

“I wanted to take honors English, but my parents wanted me to take honors math. So I didn’t argue with them and just took the class. I knew it was going to be difficult, since math in general is one of the common core classes that is hard for the average student. But at the end of the quarter when I got an A, I felt more than satisfied,” Rockwell said.

For others, ending the quarter well isn’t just about grades. Some feel like they have accomplished more in second quarter by going to classes on time more often.

“This quarter has been pretty good. My grades are around A’s and B’s. I have been coming to school more than first quarter. Last quarter, my attendance wasn’t where it should’ve been. This quarter has been a turnaround,” Elica Jaramillo (10) said.

Lancers have accomplished many of their goals they set at the beginning of the quarter. “Since I’m a senior, I have been working my way up to getting into a college. Utah State University already accepted me. That was my main goal, and now I can say I accomplished it,” Janet Rodriguez (12) said.

Although it was a long-term goal for Rodriguez, many other seniors applied to colleges as well. Some of the short-term goals that Lancers have accomplished are turning in assignments on time and coming to school prepared.

Furthermore, while students can pass classes on their own, it isn’t always the easy. That’s why there are classes like Avid and Success 101, which help students stay on track to graduate.

“In Success 101, we try to guide students by having weekly grade checks, homework progress time, and individual help available if anyone needs help on any specific assignment,” Mr. Timothy said.

Even with all the help provided, some students don’t take advantage of it. “Some students aren’t on track to graduate. They don’t realize the importance of education,” Mr. Timothy said.

But even if the grades, attendance, and citizenship aren’t exactly where they should be right now, there’s always credit recovery and another chance next quarter to turn them around.