Getting the right career pathway is key to achieving goals

WHEN THE bell rings, some students registered at Granger High are at a different school every other day. They go there to learn in a program that interests them for their pathways to a career, and this is the Granite Technical Institute.  Students can sign up for GTI in the 9th grade all the way to 12th grade.  All students have to do is get the form filled out with the appropriate signatures and they’re set for the beginning of next school year.

There are many courses that a student can choose to follow through into their personal career. GTI offers a bus before school and one at the end of second period for transportation. Many other students in the Granite School District go as well, and they will all be in a mixed class of what they have signed up for.

“When you arrive to the GTI building it’s a break from regular classes for a class that might be your pathway to a career,” Luis Arciga (12) said.

Starting GTI in the 9th grade to plan for the future is a bright way to do it since they can take it every year, while not got getting into problems with regular classes.

“Getting to leave class early because of GTI is a bonus for taking the course,” Raul Espinoza (9) said. Even if students change their path and go into another course it can help by seeing what is the subject that the student wants to study. There are no restrictions either and if a student did something to do with technology and they have the decision to go to culinary arts they are not going to stop anyone because that is a decision for the students’ career.

With over of 40 courses, and some of those have about five advanced classes, it is hard for students to get a taste of every course. They should choose wisely and pick the most interesting classes.

Switching courses is not normally what the students do, but it is not shamed upon on when they do, and it’s not frequent either.

“I picked a course that I knew I would like, and there is an advanced class after I’m finished with the first course,” Arciga said. Many classes are hands-on and give real situations that might happen in the course of an actual career in that field.

Finishing and passing a course will earn a certificate showing that the student passed that specific course. That person is now eligible to go to the next step and go up to the advanced class if they wanted to. Going to the advanced class is recommended, but not mandatory to do.

Getting to do this every year is a sure way to find a passion, instead of students pursuing a career and finding out in the end that they don’t like that career and they haven’t tried any other career pathways.