Kaluhikaua is Granger’s Hero

SOME GRANGER High students may not know that there is a social worker here at Granger. Many students do know about him because he isn’t just in his office, but actually out on the sidelines with the football boys. Granger’s social worker is Mr. Kaluhikaua, and he is also one of Granger High’s football coaches as well.

Mr. Kaluhikaua is always a radiant and bright person. He really does rub off on his students and anyone he comes in contact with. Many students have seen him and even talked to him in the halls without knowing who he is, and what he does at Granger.

Mr. Kaluhikaua has his own office in upper E-Hall, and he is always welcoming new faces in. He is a social worker, which means he is here to listen to students’ problems and try to figure out solutions. Everyone needs a great listener, and that is what he does: he listens. If a student is just having the worst day of his or her life and needs to talk to someone, Kaluhikaua is the right person to find for a good talk. He helps Lancers figure out their school problems, whether it be drama with friends or problems with classes. He often has an answer for everything and anything students throw at him.

Mr. Kaluhikaua is a caring person and here for anyone who needs him. He deals with many students a day and has been doing this for many years. He deals with students that have no homes to students who are suicidal. He is a big deal at our school, and he needs to be appreciated for what he does for us. You should not be afraid to go to him, or even be embarrassed, because he really is here to help the students at Granger High.

And if you didn’t know, we now have a behavioral health assistant, as well. Ms. Auld is Mr. Kaluhikaua’s wing woman, and she does similar work to what he does.