Granger’s nurse is ready to help Lancers improve their health


LANCERS need to take some time to get to know the school nurse. Jaime Ferdinand is located in the counseling office where she makes sure that every student that walks in her door is getting the proper care they need. Ms. Ferdinand graduated from Montana State University almost 39 years ago, with a Bachelor’s degree in nursing. Her nursing experience includes hospital, public health, and school health.

She practiced for four years in different states, but the last 12 years she has been working here in the Granite School District. Before living in Utah, Ms. Ferdinand and her family had the opportunity to live in New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Wyoming.

Ms. Ferdinand is in charge of over 8,000 students all over Granite School District. However, only around 125 students here at Granger have visited her this year. Ms. Ferdinand has been working as a nurse here at Granger for two years now. In fact, there had not been a nurse’s office until she came along.

Although many don’t know about Ms. Ferdinand, she is more than willing to help students. “For those students who have trouble seeing in class, I’d be more than glad to do a free eye exam for those who want it,” Ms. Ferdinand said.

Many students love Ms. Ferdinand, although she may not know it.

“She’s kind and always has a beautiful smile upon her face. It just amazes me, if only more people knew about her,” Alejandro Zavala (10) said. She makes sure that every student that walks into her office is getting the proper care they need so that when they walk out, they have a huge smile on their face, feeling better than before.

Helping out students, teachers, staff, and parents and assisting them in dealing with their health or seeking health is one of Ms. Ferdinand’s favorite tasks. She enjoys knowing that she’s providing the proper care they need on a daily basis.

However, sometimes we may feel as if most of our staff doesn’t get appreciated as much as they should. Ms. Ferdinand wakes up every morning to help out hundreds of students, not only here at Granger but all over Granite School District.

“I want Ms. Ferdinand to get more known. Whenever a friend isn’t feeling well, I’ll make sure to recommend Ms. Ferdinand,” Zavala said.

She’d like to get the word out and let students know that she’s available to help out anyone who needs health care. Even if she’s in a rush to go to another school, she will take some time to help students before she heads off on her rounds.

Outside of school, Ms. Ferdinand loves to be with her family. Going home every day to the people she loves the most makes her happy, and that feeling of love and comfort is what she needs after a long day at work.