Coffee So Amazing We Should Make it Publik

PUBLIK Coffee Roasters is an industrialized coffee joint in Downtown Salt Lake City. The atmosphere is inviting, relaxing, and calming with an industrial and rustic feel to it. I ordered their famous vanilla latte along with the infamous avocado toast.

Though the toast was hard and crunchy, it was not what you would expect. The quality of the coffee was amazing and not as expensive as Starbucks or your local Beans and Brews. The pricing of Publik Coffee is in the $3-7 range including all of their coffees, teas and their food.

Publik Coffee Roasters had a wide variety of toasts, coffees, teas, and treats. They have anything any coffee lover would like from warm lattes, to iced coffees. All of the food and drink can be ordered to suit anyone’s taste.

This coffee shop is very unique from its selection of food to the way they decorate. Publik Coffee is perfect for students who need to get their homework done and need a quiet environment to concentrate. Finding this industrial-style coffee shop can be somewhat difficult for those who aren’t very familiar with the Salt Lake area.

Located on 975 South and West Temple, it is right off the I-15 in the blossoming part of town around 900 South. Publik Coffee Roasters is open from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. It’s a great spot to get all of your homework or any other work done, as well as hanging out with friends.

This coffee shop was definitely not built primarily for Publik, this transitioned coffee roaster was at one point named Jensen Production. Though there is no known record of that being built, we are thankful it was built, or Publik might not have the same feel it does now.

Built with a second story, and plenty of business and meeting rooms, this place has a large, spacious feel to it. To enter the second floor of this industrialized coffee shop, there is a set of stairs near the north entrance that you take to enter the upper loft.

On the second floor, you will find that there is a large opening in the floor, where you can get a better look at what happens down below where you can see people hard at work to make the amazing coffee served at Publik. It is my opinion, that any coffee lover will fall in love with the amazing coffee offered at Publik.

The types of people you will find during your stay at Publik are hipsters, business owners, and maybe even a few students. Each person that enters Publik will leave with a smile on his or her face and a warm coffee to energize them throughout their day.

The experience I had at Publik Coffee Roasters will be an unforgettable memory, I very strongly suggest that coffee-loving Lancers go check out this hip spot. Bring a friend, your homework, or both. Grab a seat and enjoy the fresh coffee and amazing food that Publik Coffee has to offer.