Granger Lancer Takes Home All-State Award

GRANGER High School should be proud that a fellow Lancer won an academic all-state award. This award is only given to 10 Utah students that are performing well in academics and sports. Elise Fulton (12) has made an amazing accomplishment by taking home one of these awards. Fulton is one of the students on the Girls Varsity Tennis team.

“She’s really funny and she gets along with everybody She’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met in my entire life,” Kayla Harr (9.) Harr plays with Fulton on the tennis team, and they also work together in the school musical.

“She puts her all in tennis. She doesn’t get distracted by anything. She is nice to the opponent even if she loses. Elise is just a motivational person in general,” Harr said. “She puts all her focus on what she is doing.”

“One of my favorite parts of working with Fulton is that she gives great advice. She is definitely someone you can go to if you need help. She gave me a better technique to serve quickly. She’s definitely a team leader,” Harr said. Harr consider her someone to rely on for help in sports, academics, and just life in general.

“She’s very dedicated and she likes to have fun when she plays. She has good sportsmanship,” Alexis Topacio (12) said. As a student she is very on top of things. She likes to get things done and she likes to get good grades,” Topacio said. Fulton is dedicated to both academics and sports alike.

“She’s my friend. She’s the best. I don’t know what I would be without her. She’s very practical and very nice to everyone,” Topacio said.

“She was very humble about winning the award. In fact, she even tried to hide that she won it,” Topacio said. Fulton wishes to keep quiet about the award, but teammates seem to be supportive of the fact that she won. This award is hard to earn, but instead of bragging of her accomplishment, Fulton keeps quiet.

“She deserved the award,” Topacio said. Fulton seems to well-liked in general. In the opinions of her teammates, it’s clear that Fulton is successful in both aspects. It is rare to find anyone that can manage to stay on top of both athletics and academics.

Alyssa Bentley (9) thinks that Fulton is one of the best players on the tennis team. “She’s amazing,” Bentley said. She is impressed with Fulton’s winning style of play, and she can’t count the number of games Fulton has won. “I know that she earned that award. I’m glad that she won it,” Bentley said.

Fulton has brought more attention to how great Lancers can truly be. Academic all-state is a great accomplishment not only for Fulton herself, but for the whole school. She has impacted the lives of her fellow teammates and students.