Freshmen prepare for high school experience with Success 101


UP IN THE Freshmen Academy, there is a class called skills for life, also known as Success 101. It started at Granger when the freshmen were added four years ago in 2012-13 school year. Everyone in the ninth grade is required to take it, because it’s a class to help prepare for the entire high school experience.

When the transitioning students from junior highs got their schedules this summer, they were somewhat confused. Their schedule showed the skills for life class. No one remembered signing up for that class.

When the counselors came to register the junior high students, that are now high school students, they didn’t mention that ninth graders were going to take the class.

They mentioned the required classes that the incoming freshmen should do in their first year, however not many recall the counselors explaining skills for life. They mentioned the computer technology class and they suggested that they should take the health class; however, they didn’t discuss this class. So, some ninth graders think that it is required, and others think that it’s an elective.

“I didn’t remember signing up for this class, but it’s actually pretty fun. I don’t mind it,” Milagros Cuevas (9) said.

Once school started, the skills for life teachers explained what the class is about. “It’s a class that helps the incoming high school students transition from junior high into high school,” Mr. Timothy said.

So far in that class, students think that they teach about setting goals and how to stay on track. However, there is so much more to that class than goal setting and helping get grades up.

“This class is about finding out who you are, what you want, and how to get what you want,” Mr. Timothy said.

They help guide freshmen through their first year of high school. During high school, it can be difficult keeping on track. So with the help of this class, it can really take steps towards being successful.

“I have had students that are now juniors and seniors come back and tell me how much this class has helped them throughout their whole entire time here at Granger,” Mr. Timothy said.

While some students come back and thank the Success 101 teachers, others wish they had had the opportunity to take that class.

“If I would have had this class when I was in ninth grade, then I’m almost positive that I’d be on track. I see how much it has influenced other people; I feel like I missed out,” Jose Saavedra (11) said.

Right now, there are three skills for life teachers. There is Mr. Timothy, Mr. Schmeling, and Ms. Neibaur. They teach the same curriculum, but they teach it in a way that’s also personally unique.

At least once a week, they review ‘energy + vision = success.’ For some who haven’t taken the class yet, the saying can be confusing. Energy stands for that the goal. The vision stands for knowing how to get it. Once energy and vision are put together, then success follows.

“So, I was in class reviewing the energy + vision = success. Then, out of nowhere, Mr. Schmeling’s class yelled the equation out loud. Mr. Timothy got this look on his face. He was like ‘it’s on’. Then, he had us yell it back, louder,” Jonathan Salas (9) said.

Even though it’s an academic class that stresses  how things are going on at school and life overall, it still manages to be fun and exciting.

“The teacher aid, Pedro, stresses on not having phones out and staying on task. He gives us privileges once we get all of the work done,” Salas said.

This class helps throughout students’ entire high school experience.

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Great article! It’s changed a whole ton since I took it! We didn’t really do anything, it’s good to hear this class has evolved into something useful. Keep up the good work!