A profile of a Counselor



Ms. Catten helping make Skye Rouse’s day better with a little bit of laughter.

HERE AT Granger High School, the counselors work hard to help the students work towards graduation and also many other things. These counselors work hard day in and day out, and they do their best to make this a safe and welcoming school for every student.

“The thing I’ve been doing on a daily basis is meeting with seniors to create a college and career readiness plan, I also help new students entering the school get the classes they need, and I help students that are having bad days,” Ms. Catten said.

Ms. Catten works hard every day to make this a better place for students in and out of her office, Catten is one of the many counselors at Granger High School, and she wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. She thinks the diversity at Granger High makes this school such a special place to work.

“I love working here because I get to meet students from all over the world. It’s amazing to hear all the different stories about these students, that’s what I love about Granger. This is such a diverse school with a group of amazing students in it,” Catten said.

The counselors love to meet with the students and get to know them and help them with any problems they have or anything they need. The counselors do their best to help these students feel welcome here at Granger High, not only welcome at school, but comfortable and feel like they can express themselves. Many of the counselors have been counseling for years.

“I have been a Granger counselor for four years, but I have been a counselor for five years, I’ve loved working here at Granger. On a daily basis, I see from 10 to 20 students every day, but it just depends on what day it is,” Catten said.

Some counselors do additional work here at Granger. Ms. Catten coached the softball team two years ago. She also played softball when she was in high school, and only softball, but many other sports, too.

“I played softball throughout my entire childhood. When I got to high school, I began to play other sports and became very involved, I coached here at Granger, but I found that it didn’t work with my schedule very well, so I couldn’t continue being the coach,” Catten said.

Counselors don’t always just counsel, they do many other things. Catten played many sports and was a great student. Granger High is lucky to have counselors that would do anything to help their students graduate and do well in school.

Granger High School is a special place with a diverse group of students, teachers, counselors, and administrators that are all willing to help with any problems that any students have. Grangers students are very lucky to have a chance to be at such an amazing and diverse school. Be sure to thank the teachers around this school and show them how much the students at Granger appreciate them.