Using the Hall Passes

LIKE MANY schools, Granger High uses big, wooden hall passes. Hall passes have been around for quite some time. Some schools were recently introduced to big, wooden hall passes about three years ago according to some students that wrote an article on The iNews Network on the website. However, hall passes have been around for quite a while at the Granite School District.

Big, orange hall passes have advantages. They symbolize who is out of the class with permission. Students are required to get the hall pass before they leave the classroom. When there are students roaming the halls, administrators can see what classroom they should be in.

It also minimizes the risk of getting into trouble by the administrators. If the student doesn’t have the hall pass, then most administrators can tell that the student is up to something bad. That’s what they assume, because the hall passes represent permission for what the student doing in the hall.

For example, sluffing is a huge problem. Without the hall pass, administrators can assume that the student is about to sluff. But when the student uses the hall pass it displays that the student is in a class.

There is some conflict between the teachers when it comes to hall passes. Sometimes there is misuse of passes.

“Letting the students use the hall pass usually isn’t a problem. It turns into a problem when they’re gone too long,” Ms. Lago said.

Many students use the hall pass, but some of them goof around. They might get the hall pass just roam the halls for long period of time. Or they get it to communicate with friends.

“It’s usually not a problem until they say that they’re ‘going to the bathroom,’ but really go to talk on the phone or go downstairs to see a friend,” Ms. Lago said.

Some teachers, like Ms. Lago, don’t mind letting students use the hall pass. Then, there’s other teachers.

One of the main reasons why teachers don’t like students using the hall pass during class is because they’re try to teach. The bell schedule gives students five minutes to get to class with enough time to get to go to the restroom and get to class. But sometimes what they don’t consider is that sometimes their recent class was half way across the school.

Some students don’t mind the hall passes, because they don’t use it. But then there’s the students who don’t mind using the hall pass, but think that it’s different.

“Hall passes aren’t that bad. I mean, if you got to use the restroom now, then you’re going to have to use the hall pass. I can’t really complain, because it’s what we have to use,” Yazthel Garcia (9) said.

On the other hand, some students don’t like it.

“The hall passes are weird. I don’t really like it, because it’s like I’m carrying around a huge heavy piece of wood,” Stormie Stone (10) said.