School Spirit Falling or Rising


IS SCHOOL spirit going down the drain since three years ago? Is it rising to a new level? To me it’s falling into the gutter. I feel like that three years ago, when the first freshman class of Granger entered, the spirit was so high it would blow the roof off this place. But now it’s three years later, and it feels like the energy we once had as a family has vanished completely. I feel like if we were to try to fix this problem, it would take a lot of work.

First of all, I feel that we need more activities that all the students could get involved in like competitions or even just friendly team games. Usually games always bring us together, but there is that one time where it doesn’t. If that fails, there are always more things we can do. Another thing we could do is have more assemblies near the middle of the year so we don’t get in a slump during the winter. That would work wonders for all the students.

Tyler Wagstaff (12) has an interesting take on this situation. He thinks that school spirit is still high, but it’s not as creative as it used to be. “It’s at least interesting, but it does not leave much to the imagination,” he said. This opinion of his is quite relatable. For the past three years, it’s felt like the school has been doing the same thing over and over again.

I feel like it would be helpful to shake things up a little bit. “If the student body officers were to work with the other groups for ideas,” he said. Like if the student body went to get unique ideas from the theatre clubs, or if they wanted some Latino culture they could go to LIA for some ideas. This would fix a lot of things with school spirit and get more people involved.

There is still one more problem to cover. What about the students who don’t get involved? I say go to them, and get some ideas from them. That would open a whole new area up for the people who haven’t usually been interested in school spirit.

I feel that the more students involved, the better it would be. A lot of the students here at Granger don’t get involved, and it’s the same students doing the same things over and over again. School spirit needs to be mixed up a little, and it needs a whole new perspective for students.

Overall, school spirit is falling for some and rising for others. It is supposed to be something that gets all students involved and pumped up, but right now it only gets the same students up and pumped for it. Let’s boost up our school spirit and show everyone else what it actually means to be a Granger Lancer.                                  `