A Day in the Life of an Administrator

At Granger High School there are more than three-thousand students and that’s a lot, so that means there is never a dull moment.


We welcome our administrator David Beck to our amazing school with lots of joy. “There is always something going on,” said Administrator David Beck.

Beck likes to start off his day by looking at his three note cards one of students to visit, to do list, and Spanish words to learn that day.

After he’s checked all three note cards he visits classes regularly, he visits classes often so students aren’t alarmed by his presence and take it as a normal thing.

“I want to be seen as a source of help not a mean administrator,” said David.


On his way to the classes, Beck sometimes runs into students that aren’t supposed to be in the halls, he asks they’re name, student number, and checks if they are enrolled at Granger High School for safety.

We really wouldn’t want someone who wants to do harm in our school.  When he approaches these students he does it with kindness.

Instead of getting angry and shouting at the student that is breaking the rules, he greets them and asks what the student is doing, and what are they supposed to be doing.

That way peace is kept and no one gets hurt. “It’s better to note be a jerk when confronting an off task student, you’ve met. You’ll only bring up tension, someone hating you, and the student could get just as angry as you are” David explained.

While continuing his to do everything that his to do list has, school workers ask him for help with students with many types of problems, from a small problem to a big one.


Later after dealing with students and visiting the classes, David visits the seminary aside granger… also running into a few more students making sure they’re part of granger and not skipping a class since some students don’t have a first period.

Since Granger has such a big campus it’s easy for students to hide in a variety of places, especially in cars.

So he takes advantage of going to the seminary to check if any students are skipping a class, with kindness he sends them back to class.

In the seminary he talked with Brother Smith about college day that’s coming up in a few weeks. He left the seminary after arranging everything with college day, and continued visiting classes and fixing problems.


David Beck is a really responsible and helpful worker at our school, he helps us with problems that we don’t even know that are going on.

We are thankful for him coming to work in our big and fantastic school. “Una muy buena persona” or “a very good person” said one of the Spanish teachers at our school.

Next time you see David Beck wave to him or say “hello” and thank him for helping our lancers stay on task. We are lancers, we are family.