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Love is in the Air


As Valentine’s Day approaches and the love is in the air, friends, couples, and even situationships are excited to make plans. Even though it might seem like there is a non-ending list of date ideas, many are still overwhelmed with what would be the “perfect” date.

For a lot of people, Valentine pairings are a big deal. It’s a chance for people to show their appreciation toward someone they love and care for, it can also be a chance for two people to rekindle a spark they once had. Some people tend to overthink when coming up with a date which is completely OK.

There are so many types of dates for people to choose from. Some people like creative dates where they can paint or make small gifts. Others like outdoor dates like hiking, late-night strolls in the city, and stargazing. Some even stay at home to cook, bake, and watch rom-com or romance movies. A lot of people also like to go the more traditional way; chocolate, roses, teddy bears, cards, balloons, and dinner dates.

Many students at Granger have different opinions on what would be a perfect date.

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“I like to go on dates where we have fun and enjoy ourselves, but still have more than enough time to talk and learn something new about each other,” Anthony Garcia (12) said. “The best date I ever went on was when I took a girl out to eat, we talked for a very long time, talked through a golf course which was where I confessed my feelings for her a few years before, and then ended up slow dancing to a few of our favorite love songs,” Garcia said.

Some people also like to spend Valentine’s Day with their friends and some like to go solo as well. When spending time with friends or even solo many like to do art dates, dinner dates, and even movie dates.

“If I was to spend time with my friends for Valentine’s Day, I would recommend decorating cookies and watching movies,” Annabella Lindsey Eden (12) said.

Aisha Alavez (11) also has a galentines plan in mind. “I want to do galentines with my friends, so if we do hang out for Valentine’s Day, I would recommend baking desserts, painting, and watching the best romcoms,” Alavez said.

Others like to explore, go out to music events, and discover new things.

“The best date I have ever been on would be when my boyfriend and I went to the Kilby Block Party concert,” Joyce Marquez (12) said. “We got to see different artists we liked, listened to artists we didn’t know, ate lots of good food, walked around a lot, and just got to enjoy the day together,” Marquez said.

Date preference depends on the person, their personality, age, and interests. Even though there are so many different options, there is no need to feel the pressure because any date would be great! It’s the thought of you planning something special for a person you care about or for yourself that counts and matters.

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