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Graduation Jitters

AS GRADUATION hits around the corner, many seniors have mixed feelings about their special day. May 24, 2024 is the day of graduation — the day when many seniors say their goodbyes and enter the real world. It is also the day that the class of 2024 has been counting down to all year.

Graduation will be held at the Maverick Center at 7 p.m. The reason why seniors have mixed feelings is because it’s a special moment for them and their classmates. Some seniors will be emotional, some super excited, and some nervous.

“I’m very excited about graduation because I am proud of the effort and time I put forth to walk across that graduation stage. The journey was a long four years, but four years that I enjoyed!” Allyson Dinh (12) said.

High school had been a challenge for the class of 2024, so graduating and realizing that they will never be those freshmen entering Granger again is a bittersweet moment.

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“Graduation has always been a steppingstone and goal for me. It’s been official the second I was enrolled in school, because I was determined to obtain that diploma. I’m quite excited to be able to wear that graduation gown as I cross a new path,” Dinh said.

May is the most stressful month for the seniors. There is so much that needs to be done, such as finishing school, credit recovery, getting the caps and gowns, senior sunset, graduation practice, etc.

When special days come around like graduation, there is always something scary about it. It could be about leaving the people that were in the same elementary school or leaving family to pursue higher education.

But for Dinh, “I think the scariest thing about graduation is having to say goodbye to the daily routine we’ve all been living. Going into the world as newly graduated people—and just the change that comes with life in general.”

For seniors, this month is all that’s left of high school. This can affect a lot of students’ health, both physically and mentally. In preparing for graduation, seniors must pull together and finish strong and remember to be happy that the class of 2024 is almost done.

“I think the happiest thing about graduation is knowing how hard you and your peers have worked to get here. As well as knowing the experience you’ve gained and the people you’ve met in high school. These are the things that have made you who you are today. Mentally, I feel as if I’ve been ready for a long time, but I know that once I walk across that stage with a diploma in hand, it’s a farewell for the past four years,” Dinh said.

The day of graduation is always a hassle. Some have a schedule set for the day, some just go through the day like nothing is different, which is completely normal. A lot of seniors have grad parties that same day or the day graduation.

After graduation, Granger is hosting the senior breakout at 10 p.m. This is the last time seniors will have fun at Granger — staying up late at night with their friends and making their last memories in the halls of their high school.

“Graduation is something to be celebrated, so with no doubt, I plan to celebrate with my family and friends. I want to celebrate and make good memories one last time on my last day as a high school student!” Dinh said. “I can’t wait to explore more of the world and meet even more people when I go to university! I’m excited to see what the future has in store for me,” she said.

As those seniors finally walk the stage, they’ll have their whole lives ahead of them. Some could become doctors, some could travel, or even create a flying car — hopefully, they will work at jobs they love.

They have the rest of their lives to live as adults. In the meantime, they should enjoy the last weeks of being together and celebrate the hard work and dedication that makes them the class of 2024!



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