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Senior trips are an old tradition


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SENIOR trips are in the works, and many seniors have started to plan their trips after graduation. A senior trip is a tradition that students started years ago, and to this day still hit the road. It is a little reward that the ‘top dogs’ of the school get for finishing high school.

Many seniors want to go out of state with a couple friends.

“I don’t have anything in plan right now but I do want to plan a cruise with some friends of mine. From Long Beach Mexico to somewhere else I don’t know yet,” Robin Trutwin (12) said. He plans on being with friends and there’s nothing wrong with that. Some might say that a senior trip is a final ‘goodbye-hangout’ with close friends before college.

However, other students want to go with family instead.

“I plan on going to Seattle to hang out with my family, because my dad’s cousin is getting married, and we will have a ton of family there,” Alan Nava (12) said. That sounds exciting, being with family and friends is a plus. Even though Nava isn’t going anywhere crazy, he will still be getting away after graduation to enjoy a trip with his family and friends.

Nava isn’t the only Lancer with a family member getting married. Courtney Zamora (12) is also going out of town to go to her sister’s wedding.

“I don’t exactly have anything planned right now, but I am going to my sister’s wedding. We will have a ton of family here from Texas and that will feel like a trip for me. My sister getting married is my trip in a way, and I’m not even mad about that,” said Zamora.

Most seniors plan a group trip together. “Senior class trips are a way for your student group to memorialize their Graduation,” as stated on the website.

With that said, it is a tradition to go on a trip as a class or a group, but most of seniors this year have their own plans and want to do their own thing. However, that isn’t such a bad idea to just be done and do your own thing at the end of the year since being with family seems more important.

Some seniors don’t have anything planned because they are already super busy doing many small adventures already. “I don’t plan on having a senior trip, I travel a lot anyway so I don’t need a trip. The only thing I would possibly be doing is with the guys and that is going down to Lake Powell, but other than that just check out colleges,” Austin Rasmussen (12) said. Not every senior wants to go on a trip and that’s OK. Just being out and done with high school is enough for many students.

All in all, students of Granger High School haven’t really planned a group trip. Senior trips should be the last goodbye, but most seniors like Megan Peterson (12) just want to be done with it all after graduation, and move on. “I don’t really care for a senior trip. I honestly don’t want to have a group trip, because I just want to be done with high school,” said Peterson.

Whether they take a trip or not, seniors might should all enjoy the fact that they have made it to the finish line.


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Senior trips are an old tradition