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Sticky Pudding and the Starcatcher

STICKY pudding!! Do you like sticky pudding? Are you even aware of what that is? I’d never heard the food until I watched the lovely production of Peter and the Starcatcher at Granger High. A character’s favorite food is sticky pudding, and it’s a phrase also printed on the back of the cast and crew’s t-shirts.

The play was all around a wonderful experience. The characters were lively and well-played and pulled me into the story very well. One of the many actors who was able to do this consistently was Alec Sorenson (11). He played Black Stache and was absolutely wonderful in the delivery of his character. He was funny and sassy, and although he was supposed to be feared, he was incredibly childish — all around a fun and eccentric character.

Whenever he was on stage, I was drawn to watch him, often giggling at something he said or his interactions with Smee. They were a powerful duo who always had my attention the moment they were on stage.

Another actor who did amazing work in playing his character was Brandon Barba (9). He played Boy, AKA Peter, and did an amazing job of becoming his role. He was feisty and loud, rebellious yet soft and sweet. He was incredibly fun to watch.

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Another couple I enjoyed seeing every time they were on stage was Mrs. Bumbrake and Alf, who were played by Lydia Cousins (11) and Braxton Moore (12). They made a fuss every time they were on stage and never failed to make the audience laugh. A lot of the time during the show I had to refrain from laughing out loud because of how hilarious the lines were, mostly from the lost boys or Mrs. Bumbrake.

The play had a lot of funny moments within the ensemble as well and watching them interact with each other while the main characters talked really added depth to the story. They were all their own people and had their own unique personalities.

Prior to watching the show, I was able to attend their backstage warmups as the actors prepped for the show. I saw a lot of the work and effort put into producing this show and I applaud it. Everyone was everywhere and was doing a job to help. If someone had free hands, they would go find something else to do, they were always moving. You could tell everyone was so passionate about this show, many of them rehearsing their lines or going over blocking. The months of rehearsing and staying hours after school were about to be showcased on stage. They were all so ready yet nervous, but they were excited all the same.

Much of the cast had made their costumes out of their own clothing, some even going as far as getting scraps from other people to really fit their pirate theme. The costumes were very creative, and the makeup done on Black Stache was a treat to see get done.

The cast was so much fun to interact with backstage, all of them so energetic and different. There were so many different personalities and people from different backgrounds who came together in this one space. Everybody was so unique and fun to talk to, and I enjoyed meeting new faces.

When asked what their favorite scene was, most of the cast members said either the fight scene or the mermaid scene, and after watching the show I see why. The mermaid number was unexpected yet enjoyable, and it was so much fun seeing the cast in their mermaid costumes. Their singing was delightful, and the dancing was just as fun.

The fight scene was absolutely hilarious, and it’s my favorite scene out of the play. I think the size difference made it funnier, and though the winner was expected it was still a little surprising. Seeing the ensembles reaction through the whole scene made me giggle and I thoroughly enjoyed that scene.

All in all, I loved watching this play and am grateful I had the chance to experience it and the behind the scenes. The cast and crew did an amazing job putting this show together, and I can’t wait to see another one next year!

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