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What Lancers do before and after attending prom


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THE PROMENADE dance, otherwise known as prom, is said to be one of the most exciting nights in the life of a high school student. Little do people know that it started in the 19th century for graduating classes in universities and has since changed into a high school tradition according to the website..

Prom can mean many different things to the students of Granger High School. Adults and students alike get excited for this highly anticipated dance each year. “Prom is a good event for high school students to make special memories,” said Mr. Hopkins.

“Prom is meant to be one of the moments in life to have as a valuable memory,” Rachel Guerra (10) said.

Students used to ask their potential dates to prom with as much etiquette as possible. It has long been a tradition for flowers and a poster to be present when boys asked a girl to a dance. Today, there are new and creative techniques that are springing up in this generation.

“Someone should ask their partner or friend to prom in a meaningful way like an inside joke that incorporates something in particular that they like,” Andrea Garcia (11) said.

Lancer guys are in the process of devising creative ways to ask their ladies to this year’s prom. “You should surprise her with a poster, flowers, and some balloons. Include your friends and make it into puzzle for your date to have fun solving,” Jonathan Harr (11) said.

Many girls want prom to be the perfect night, and to plan the perfect night, they need a lot of notice. “People need a month to prepare for prom, if someone were to ask me a week before prom, then I would most likely say no,” Natalie Topete (10) said.

It is important for Lancers to give their dates as much time as possible to prepare for the dance. “Students shouldn’t rush it and wait until the last minute, they should get to asking!” Francisco Gallardo (‘16) said.

Many students may have different opinions on how quickly prom asking should happen. Some believe that it is never too late to ask someone to be your date to prom. Others believe that there is a time limit. Although, this doesn’t mean Granger Lancers shouldn’t try if they haven’t asked already, it just means they should hurry before it really is too late.

The expectations that girls have regarding prom can vary, and it all starts with the way they are asked. Being creative raises one’s chances of getting an invitation accepted. “Be on a horse while holding a poster in her front yard,” David Fuller (12) said.

Others prefer not to go that much out of their way and instead are thinking of having a riddle or puzzle for their date to solve. It’s risky to ask someone to prom in a large crowd, so maybe ask in private or just with close friends during the whole confrontation.

It can be hard when asking a stranger to go out to prom, so make sure that the friendship or relationship is mutual because prom is meant to be the one dance in high school that students keep as a special memory for the rest of their lives.

Lancers are encouraged to not be afraid to ask poeple out to prom because chances are that they’ll accept. Lancers should make sure that their invitation is meaningful and creative because the person being asked will remember the way they were asked and take in consideration their answer based on the way you asked.

Prom is being held on March 11 at Rice Eccles Stadium this year. Student body and class officers are working hard to make this year’s prom the best and most memorable prom yet.

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What Lancers do before and after attending prom