The Pets of Granger


Dakota Sanchez dogs: Stitch the 5 year old Bulldog on the left with Rosie the seven year old blind Boston Terrior on the right

Before COVID, people could stop and pet animals they saw outside. Now, we rely on social media to see cute pets. So, to fuel the four-legged friend’s cravings, we have Rosie and Stitch, followed by Baymax, and last but not least Berkeley and Buddy. All of these cuties belong to our own Granger students!
Firstly, we have Rosie and Stitch. These cute canines belong to Dakota Sanches(10). Rosie is a Boston terrier that is seven years old, and Stitch is a french bulldog that’s five. According to her owner, Rosie hogs all the toys. Stitch is actually blind in her left eye. Dakota said, “…her blindness isn’t as big of a struggle as her smarts are.” How rude! Rosie knows how to “sit pretty”, where she sits on her hind legs and puts her paws in the air. He says that Stitch would rather jump on chairs than sit pretty.
Next, we have Baymax who is a two year old cat. Aubrie Moss (10) is his owner, and she was there when he was born! Bay Bay, or Baymax, lives inside, but loves to play outside. Bay Bay isn’t his only nickname either. He also goes by “Max”, or “Maxers”.
He also likes to climb trees and taunt the neighborhood dogs. This cute kitten has a family of eight siblings. All four-legged, and just as cute. Out of his family, he lives with two of his siblings. Outside of his siblings, two other cats from a different litter live with him too. Aubrie said some of her favorite things about Baymax are,”When you pick him up and he stretches all the way out with his paws in the air.” and,” When he meows back when you talk to him.” How cute!
She also said it was adorable when he stretches out across their couch and demands belly rubs. His favorite playtime activities are chasing a laser pointer and playing with a string. What a lovable cat!
Lastly, we have Berkeley and Buddy! These two playful dogs are cared for by Cirenna Hayford. Berkeley is a rescue dog. Her cute puppy dog eyes show that she’s full of love! According to Cirenna (10), “Berkeley will lay her head on you until you give her attention.” She may be demanding but she’s adorable! While Berkeley can be described as crazy, she does have a soft side. Berkeley especially loves her stuffed toys.
Buddy is around eight years old, and Cirenna has had him since she was eight years old. He is friendly and doesn’t let his old age hold him back from playing! Instead of stuffed animals, Buddy likes his good old fashioned tennis ball. Cirenna says, “Buddy will roll on his back like a goofball!” What a sweet canine! Both of these good dogs have nicknames too. Berkeley goes by “Berky”, and Buddy’s is “Chunky”.
In conclusion, Granger students have the cutest pets! From Dakota’s Rosie and Stitch, to Aubrie’s Baymax, and lastly, Cirenna’s Berkeley and Buddy. Dakota’s puppies, Rosie and Stitch may look little, but have big personalities. Baymax is a sweet boy who loves to play with Aubrie. Then, there’s Berkeley and Buddy. They may be old, but that doesn’t stop them from being fun-loving hounds.