Pro guns or no guns: the country divided into two pieces

GUNS. THIS seems to be the topic on everybody’s mind these days. I think it’s a big mess. Fear crowds everybody in America as families and friends grieve. Preparation is being called upon but is not being recognized enough.

As gun laws come into the picture and the topic stays relevant, America divides into two sides: pro guns and no guns. Many people believe that the right to bear arms should be exercised freely without any prosecution or backlash, while others believe that lack of guns could completely eliminate violence.

In my family, we all take pride in our guns. We go shooting for fun and is a passion that has always been a big thing for us. I was taught at a young age how to handle guns and the right and wrongs of picking one up, using one, cleaning one, taking one apart and putting it back together, and so much more.

Guns are a safety measure for my family as well as many others. If somebody was to come into my house uninvited and intending to harm my loved ones, I feel safe with a gun. Many others feel this way as well.

Turning guns into the enemy is not the way to take away violence. This is what is in question right now. As the nation divides, the question keeps being asked about whether or not guns are the problem.

While mental illness should not be targeted, this topic should definitely be talked about. About 59% of all public mass shootings from the year 1900 through 2017 were linked to mental illness or serious signs of mental illness.

Mental illness is a huge factor in a lot of violent crimes. A study done in 2016 showed that 60% of Americans believed that people with schizophrenia were likely to act violently toward somebody else. Another 37% believed the same with major depression.

While everybody in America stays divided trying to convince each other whether guns are good or bad, the real problem stems from the people committing the crimes. While the people committing these violent crimes may just do it to get back at others, something might have happened to them at home or at school to make them want to do something like that.

Blaming the item rather than the person is like sticking your foot in front of somebody and telling them to watch their step. When the country blames guns, the country is telling you to watch your step after they just tripped you.

Showing people the good about guns, how to use them correctly, how to lock them up, how to shoot them, how to load them, how to clean them, and how to keep the dangers that come with guns in mind can really help many people not be so scared.

Making new laws and potentially taking the ability to buy guns at a young age is completely out of line. Doing so creates more fear throughout the country, making everybody continue to think that guns are the problem.

Taking a look back at school shootings in the past, almost every crime was committed because these kids got ahold of a gun that wasn’t theirs. To avoid this, homes and families who support guns and own any kind of gun should practice keeping these weapons safe. A keypad safe for quick and easy unlock for any case you may need it can make a world of difference.

Many other ways to keep weapons safe is to lock them up in a gun locker. Gun lockers don’t have to be any bigger than the doorway of your closet and can hold a variety of weapons while being locked up to keep them safe.

Irresponsible gun owners could be a key factor in why these things happen as often as they do. Guns not being kept safe, keeping guns out and open, and not locking up yours and your children’s guns are some of the ways guns can get into the wrong hands. These are some key factors that have lead to many school shootings in the past.

Safety in school is also a huge factor. During an active shooter situation, many people decide to run for their lives, making as much noise as they possibly can while doing so. While in a classroom it could be quite hard to keep calm and think clearly.

To stay safe within the classroom, blocking the door with chairs, desks, computers and whatever else you can block it with could make a huge difference. Keeping quiet and staying low can make a huge difference as well.

Students and teachers alike need to stay safe. Many people are scared of guns and we as Americans should be teaching them to not be scared. Practicing safety in school and at home can make a huge difference.