A guide to making summer experience more enjoyable

SUMMER is a time for students to finally rejoice after a long and stressful school year. But with all the technology and social media we are surrounded by, maybe summer won’t be as great as it once was. Everyone talks about how they want to make the summer count, but how can it count if you aren’t outside enjoying it?

I think that by eliminating the attachment to our electronic devices, we will be able to get the most from our summer vacations. If you don’t worry about posting what you’re doing, then you will be able to actually enjoy it.

In our generation of teenagers, we don’t take the time to enjoy the actual moment we are in. Instead we record it and take pictures because we want to save it for later. But if you put your phone down after taking a few pictures, then at least you’ll have the memory in your mind when you see the pictures.

To me, the picture isn’t the memory, the memory is what the picture reminds you of. It is better to live your life in the moment and not through the screen of a phone.

It is also good to take this new free time and maybe work on improving a skill or working on your favorite hobby. Doing things that are productive in general can help your summer experience.

Good ways to spend in social ways would to be to obviously make plans with your friends. Summer is a time where there seems to be less priorities and that makes planning things a lot more fun. You have more choices now that you don’t have to worry about school the next day.

Now, if you want to spend your summer in a way that is both productive and fun-filled, you should consider finding a summer job. Although you will be spending some time working, it’s good because then you’ll be able to have more money to do whatever you want with.

Finding something to do in the summer sometimes can be a bother, so of course you’ll have your lazy days. But in all honesty, even those days are enjoyable. Summer is a time for us teenagers to just let go of responsibility and cut loose for a while. For most, it is well-deserved rest after the draining school year.

It is important to focus on being your best self at all times, so taking the time to really make yourself a better person can be very rewarding in the end. There are a lot of things that you can do during the summer time that can fill your time and help you maybe be a better person.

Most summer activities are associated with water or doing something to cool down. Swimming is a popular thing for the summer, as all of the pools have finally opened again. Although swimming is a fun activity, it is one that everyone does all the time during the summer.

Other fun activities to consider are: hiking, camping, fishing, bonfires, vacations, summer camps, and many other fun-filled activities will leave you feeling like you’ve accomplished a lot.

It’s boring to spend your time cooped up inside all of the time, so maybe a simple walk could be the highlight of your day, as being out in the world is better than being inside.

Summer for teenagers is the most fun time of our young lives. It is a good type of freedom that is like a recovery period from the school year.