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Softball takes aim on self-improvement

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Softball takes aim on self-improvement





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THE SOFTBALL team has set goals to their highest abilities and is trying to achieve them as a team. “Our goal this year, as a team, is to make it to state. Personally, my goal is be consistent with my hitting and on defense, I hope to be able to stop every line drive that comes to me and always have my teams back. Going into the season feeling super confident in my team and myself,” Cierra Olsen(12) said. Olsen’s ability to stop line drives should make a successful outcome for the season. She is going to be the one that is always there to help push the team.

“I know they have my back and I have theirs! We’ve got this. I’m SUPER excited to be playing with my best friend and cousin this year! I love her. CHEEHOO family!” Olsen said. Olsen is going to help make her best friend and cousin better at playing softball. She will also be the one that is going to be there for her team as a whole.

“I personally thought that tryouts went really well. They were fun and I liked meeting new girls. I like that we have new players on the team. I’m excited for this season because I know that we can go farther then we have been before,” Aspen Earnshaw(12) said. Being on a high school team, it’s easier to meet new people and understand the diversity and the new culture of the team.

“My goals for this season is to become a better player and to be able to connect with all my girls this year,” Earnshaw said. It helps to set goals because it helps you become a better athlete and keep up with school.

“I tried out for softball and it was awesome because it was my first time playing this sport. I feel like I’ve done pretty good for a first timer. My goal this season is to become region champs,” Sosefina Maafu (9) said. It’s exciting seeing how a first timer’s attitude goals are set high. Sosefina is a freshman playing softball and is becoming a better player each day.  

“Being a freshman makes me wanna try new things. The last few weeks I’ve pushed hard and am working on how the sport is played.” Maafu said. Having new freshman on the team is the future of the team and they learn more about the sport.

“I liked tryouts because I tried my hardest and challenged my abilities by doing things I really wasn’t good at. My goal is to keep my grades up and to complete my goals and reach each goal as I continue to play for the Granger softball program,” Monica Dedrum (9) said. Dedrum’s ability to challenge herself is something she could use out on the field. Being on the team helps her with her academics and to complete her goals.

“My main goal for this softball season is to build muscles, memories on playing and physically building myself to be strong,” Dedrum said.

“So I tried out for softball and I was nervous. I was going through thoughts if I am going to make it or not. I was having fun with it though. Once I made it to the team I was excited to learn things I was never taught.” Andy Benitez (10) said. Being taught new things is something Benitez has come across.   

“I’m glad that I made the team with people I knew so I wouldn’t feel left out also meeting new girls. My goals for this softball season is to win good games. Also to just have fun and learning new things I never learned,” Benitez said. Winning is something the JV team is striving for.

“Tryouts were fun and felt like if I had a good mindset everything would go just fine. My main goals for me is always play my heart out, because it’s my senior year and make something out of it. As a team we planned to win region. I want it so bad. I’m hungry for this season win or lose. Even when I’m full, I’m still eatin’. Stay humble, but hungry,” Shaolin Tabile (12) said.

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Softball takes aim on self-improvement