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Granger’s PROM was a hit at Viridian

John Barkiple

John Barkiple


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ON MARCH 24th, juniors and seniors donned their formal outfits and readied their moves for PROM. As seen in most movies, PROM is one of the few events left for the upperclassmen to enjoy their last years in high school.

The theme was “Au Clair de Lune,” which translates to “in the moonlight.” It was located in West Jordan at the Viridian Event Center. As usual, the dance started at 7 p.m and went until 10:00pm.

The event center was decorated with white fabric panels that touched from ceiling to floor that were intertwined with mini led lights. To one side there was a table for refreshments and on the other a full dance floor for the Granger Lancers.

Prom is the dance that many students here at Granger High School look forward to all year. Dances like this take much preparation and many hours of getting “dolled up.” “It definitely took a long time to get ready, my date and I took our time so that we could look great for the dance,” Jesus Jimenez (12) said.

With all of the stress of day activities and getting ready for prom, the Lancers sure brought it all together for the dance. “In the weeks following up I was prepping for the day. My girlfriend and I wanted to throw a party to make the most out of it. When we arrived, it was really fun and exciting,” Tyler White (12) said.

Another Lancer simply couldn’t find what he needed for the night. “It really did take me a long time to get ready because I couldn’t find my belt,” Angel Malepeai (12) said. This goes to show that not only does it take the ladies some time to get ready, but the gentlemen as well. With the amazing hair and the makeup preparation being obvious, the ladies sure brought it all for this one amazing night.

“It took me about an hour and a half to get ready which is kind of a long time. I didn’t show up until about 7:30-7:45 ish because of the preparation,” Chantel Hammond (12) said.

As the time came, Lancers arrived in groups and singles to dance the night away. The DJ kept spinning songs from the 80’s to now. Some of these included: Red Red Wine by Neil Diamond, Finesse by Bruno Mars featuring Cardi B, and The Cha Cha Slide by DJ Casper.

By the time students were done dancing the Cha Cha Slide, they needed some replenishments. Lancers loved the snacks table. “I really enjoyed the snacks, I heard that they were all pretty expensive to supply the dance with all of the cream puffs and mini water bottles,”  Malepeai said. Many students couldn’t keep their hands off of the great snacks.

It was a great time for all the students and faculty watching over the dance, the music was questionable for some but all together wasn’t bad.“The music was pretty good, could’ve been better though. Overall it was a good environment to be in,” White said. Lancer’s hope next year’s prom will be just as amazing as this year’s.


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Granger’s PROM was a hit at Viridian