Lancer is more than a title, Granger is more than a school

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Lancer is more than a title, Granger is more than a school





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SOMETIMES school itself is not the difficult part of high school, but having school pride can be. In many cases, students simply go to school and then go home. That is not the case here at Granger High, though, as students are always engaged.

Granger High School has over 20+ clubs and organizations not including athletics. Being a school with many opportunities to show spirit, Granger was able to win The State Student Section Championship a couple of years ago.

The Student Section Championship was a Twitter competition going throughout the state with each school submitting a picture of their crowds at football games and it was decided on votes to see which school would come out on top as the best student section.

That is just one example of the Lancer Pride we have here at Granger. Some Lancers just need a small push in order to trigger their spirit. The most common way to trigger excitement here is the spirit bowls. “I go berserk at spirit bowls, they bring the school together,” Park Beeler (9) said.  

The Lancer vibes are not always present during school, but they are definitely active after school. Football and basketball games as well as track meets are where huge lancer crowds are expected to be. The best place to find proud Lancers are during any Battle of the Ville against Hunter High.

Teachers at Granger are very proud of their school. Teachers like Mr. Clawson were Lancers since their freshman year and have come back to teach Lancers as a career. This is a good example of the saying “ Once a Lancer, Always a Lancer” in action.

Another example is Ivan Siete (11), as being a Lancer is a precious title for him. “I consider myself to have pride in our school because I attend most of the events held at Granger while getting good grades as well. My favorite way to show pride and spirit is by representing the school as a wrestler. I am a Lancer for life,” Siete said.

For a lot of students, Granger is more than a school, it can be filled with tradition and memories. Granger alumni still represent and appreciate Granger by coming to games and meets to support their siblings, children, or simply the school as a whole.

The administration does not see Granger as just a job with students and coworkers, they see the school as a family. With an amazing staff, students see it easy to have pride in the school. It is clear that not just students are glad to be part of Granger, as teachers can be seen sporting Lancer gear at meets or events while supporting their students because here at Granger, school spirit is very contagious.

The question for many students is how they can build their school pride. The most effective way to amplify Lancer Pride is to get involved. Getting involved in clubs, sports, or organizations can make school a more enjoyable place in general.

The culture here at Granger High is present and it is a culture of many cultures which allows everyone to get involved.  Granger being a school of innovation and opportunity is an advantageous situation for everyLlancer because there is always something going on.

Granger High School is the biggest high school in the state of Utah, according to Granger is not just the biggest high school in Utah, but it is also the best looking building by far and it is a place for everyone to come together and support this great school.

Taking pride in being a Lancer is important because it can make school a fun place to attend where one can improve social skills and be academically successful.

There is a debate whether having pride in your school affects academic performance, and most Lancers agree that it has an effect on their school work and classes. “I believe having pride in school affects your performance. Success is a culture. Successful schools are successful because they have pride,” Abby Davis (12) said.

Having school pride allows Lancers to make friends and create great atmospheres for others around. Social skills tend to improve after a fun game, meet, or even a club meeting. Bright and proud atmospheres allow students at Granger perform at their top game in school. Feel free and welcomed to join a club or team here at Granger, and show your pride in the home of the mighty Lancers.