Super Lancers faced challenges, but were still able to succeed


At Granger High, there is now a group of Lancers that are called the ‘Super Lancers.’ These students were chosen by their teachers and administrators as being worthy of recognition. There are posters of these Lancers hung up on the walls of the school. This is a relatively new reward here at Granger.

The Super Lancers were recommended by their very own teachers. They were chosen based on how they behaved and treated others, in addition how they do academically and how much they participate in class or in other subjects.

Landon Martin (9) was chosen by his Freshman Success teacher, Mr. Mundt. “I think I was chosen for this award because I think that I am great student, and I always follow tasks that are given to me,” Martin said. These are just some of the things student can do to be recommend for this reward.

“I chose Landon because I like his ability to become a good student, while he is overcoming his adversity of losing his father. Although, he has a lot of energy he also cares a lot about academics,” Mr. Mundt said. Students don’t need to act a certain way, they just need to care about their education and still have respect for the classroom and everyone in it.  
While Martin thought that his friends didn’t think he deserved it, they said something completely different. “I was very proud of my brother because we had recently had to overcome some difficulties in the past with our family,.I wasn’t jealous, I was just really proud of him for achieving this,” Kaden Bates (11) said.

Another Super Lancer was Jordan Lopez, she is a senior here at Granger High, who is on the soccer and basketball team. She was chosen by one of her basketball coaches, Ande Miller, who is also a teacher here at Granger High. She was very challenged with her classes and the sports she did.

Many think that this was an honor to have been rewarded with because it shows the teachers recognize your achievements. “ I think I was honored to be a super lancer because I work really hard in school and I try to be nice to everybody that I encounter,” Jordan Lopez (12) said.

Students are very thankful for their teachers and coaches that notice the hard work they do in and out of class. “ I’m thankful for Ande and everything she has done and still does for me,” Lopez said. “ She has always been a coach I adore and find as a mentor, so I’m glad she recommended me,” Lopez said.
Ever since these rewards were given, the freshman teachers have started to think and work on more rewards to give to freshman. “We found inspiration from the original Super Lancers, to have some rewards for the freshman like the Super Lancers in the freshman hall, “ Mundt said.

In the freshman hall there are two small shelves to show the most recognized freshman students and staff members. On the shelves, there are multiple pictures of athletes and SBO students, and most acknowledged teachers in the freshman class.  

Each student that has been given this award has a picture of them hung up somewhere around the school, with their name and the title of ‘Super Lancer.’ “ I like the pictures on the wall , they look real cool around the school,” Mr. Mundt said. On the poster it has their name horizontally by the picture of them, and most pictures are hung up in D-hall.

Students are happy with the pictures and the fact that they are being rewarded. “I like having my picture around because it makes me known around the school for a good thing or a good cause,” Martin said. His picture is hung close to the commons area.
Many think that this was an amazing reward for the students to get recognized. “I think it’s important because we need to celebrate great students, which we have a lot of here at Granger,” Mr. Mundt said. Students here at Granger High have lots of potential.
Being a Super Lancer is more important than it looks like to others. Being one of these Lancers helps with the way people see them in school. They look at them differently in an academic way than how their friends see how hard a student works for school and their good habits.