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Athletes have high hopes for the future athletic seasons

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Athletes have high hopes for the future athletic seasons


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WITH SPRING on the horizon and winter sports coming to an end, it paves the way for the new sports seasons. Claudia Lopez (11) has to be self-motivated to get ready for the upcoming track season. “For me to do this sport, I rely on my parents to keep me encouraged when I need it and when I am feeling down,” Lopez said. The thing that she is looking forward to this upcoming season is improving upon what she did last year and trying to help bring her team to state.

“The quote that keeps me going through a meet or a practice is that mental strength is more important than physical strength,” Lopez said. She plans to encourage other people to join because it has a ton of benefits and has given her so much, so she plans to give back to the sport by giving it future athletes and hopefully future championships. She wants for her team to achieve amazing things and to show this community what Granger is all about. This sport has helped her as a person and has kept her in a healthy condition. She wants to improve on her 100, 200, and 400 meter times to help elevate her team and improve their chances of going doing great things this season.

“While doing any sport she thinks that it is vital to focus on what your doing it for and to maintain a positive outlook no matter what you are faced with. One quote that I always have in my head during a meet, is ‘Success isn’t given, you have reach out and take it if you don’t you will never obtain it,’” said Lopez.

This new season brings high hopes for many players on the boy’s soccer team, especially for Lenin Villegas (10), who has high expectations. “Soccer is one of my favorite activities to do in my freetime whether it be practicing at home or at school I love it, I also plan on continuing my career past high school and onto the college level,” said Lenin

One thing he hopes to achieve this season is to be a top scorer on the team, and possibly the top scorer in the state. “Soccer has done many things for me it has kept me out of trouble, it keeps me focused when I need it the most and it has allowed for me to keep a good GPA throughout high school,” said Villegas.

He keeps his team focused and motivated by communicating and helping them even when they do not ask for it. “This sport has helped me to meet new people, forge new friendships and improved my social skills. One quote that is in my head during games is ‘the pain is temporary, but the glory is forever,’” said Villegas.

A professional player that he looks up to is Neymar Junior, who plays for PSG. The reason he looks up to Neymar is he sees how he started from the bottom where nobody knew his name, but since has grown to become one of the best soccer players in the world.

“My parents always support me and tell me that I should continue this sport for as long as I want or as long as I still enjoy the sport, but I don’t see how I could ever not enjoy this amazing sport and cherish everything it has done for me,” Villegas said.

Athletes need the help of their parents to navigate this mine field called life, and without them, it can blow up in their faces. Some athletes can do it on their own, but tend to struggle. It can help to know that they have someone in their corner rooting for them to succeed.

“My favorite moment from last season is when I scored more than once in multiple games and provided my team with what we needed to be successful last season, but this season will be different we will be challenged every way imaginable and then ways we have yet to think of, which is what I love about sports nothing is ever assured,” Villegas said.

Many athletes struggle with the line between student and athlete because the line often becomes blurred, but some of those athletes still have a chance to become successful. When the line becomes blurred it can be hard to navigate through and they often fall short and quit.  “A quote that I often think about during a game is ‘it doesn’t matter how hard you can hit, it matters how hard you can get hit and still keep going,’” Villegas said. Athletes usually draw quotes from famous athletes, actors, or inspirational people because they have navigated these same waters and came out successful after it all.

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Athletes have high hopes for the future athletic seasons