Lancers eager to fix their grades at Saturday School


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SOME LANCERS are not doing so well in some classes, and Saturday school is a great way to get those grades fixed. The next Saturday school will be hosted on February 24, and Lancers can bring homework or any other school work with them to work on during that time. There will be teachers there willing to help with any homework or assignment.

Most students only had good things to say about Saturday School.

“I attended Saturday School last year and I loved it, it helped me save my math grade,” said Hamilet Romero (11). “My grade went from an F to a C, I was afraid that I would lose a math credit,” he said.

“I attended Saturday School in Jr High and I really loved it,” Paulina Retes (10) said. Retes only had good things to say about it.

Many students at Granger do not understand how beneficial these Saturday school sessions can actually be. The simple fact that students aren’t allowed to have cell phones definitely makes it easier for the students to focus on improving their grades.

Any electronic device seen in Saturday school will be taken away. It is recommended that students leave their phones at home or keep them in their pockets.

“It really helped me, before attending my grades were only going downhill, but when I started going to Saturday School, I could concentrate better, my grades got much better,” Retes said.

Perla Gaona (10) was not aware that Granger’s Saturday school existed and now has decided to attend it. “I am currently failing World Civilizations because I just can’t understand the current topic, but I am going to come to Saturday School to get help on it,” Gaona said.

This February 24, students will be able to attend Saturday school and work on any subject that they’re struggling with. One of the subjects that Lancers struggle with the most is math.

“I think math is the most confusing subject, specially graphing equations,” Liliane Kwizera (10) said. “I don’t have time to stay after school to talk to my teacher so I’m going to come to Saturday School,” she said.

If you struggle with math, Saturday School is the perfect place for you.

“Saturday School has helped me a lot before, it’s really good,” Richard Sanchez (9) said.

Saturday school is for students who are interested in fixing their grades, so any student attending it should be prepared with school work to do. Students should also arrive on time.

“Saturday School at Granger lasts from 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM, students will have help from teachers and administration members available,” Mr. Kjar said.  One important rule that students attending Saturday School should keep in mind is that electronic devices are not allowed.

Saturday school is also great for students who like to procrastinate. It is hard for some students to get their homework done when they’re at home, because they get easily distracted by things like their phones, video games, TV, etc. Saturday school is a great option for this students because they’ll be able to concentrate more since the won’t have those distractions around them, especially their phones.

Attending Saturday school is a great decision that many struggling students should make. Lancers are encouraged to come to Granger’s Saturday school on February 24.