Valentines Day is an “extra” extra holiday

VALENTINE’S Day is a day to be “extra” extra. But one can’t help but wonder if it is a day of love or just another normal day. Flowers are going on sale, chocolate prices are rising, and couples are pairing up for dinner dates. Valentine’s Day is the day for everything love-related. Loving should be done every day, but this day is a day to highlight it.

Students of all different age groups and grades get to express gratitude on Valentine’s Day in many different ways. Elementary school students pass out valentine cards and candy and give special valentines to crushes and bring the teacher her favorite candy. Jr. High schools make sure to have a dance. If it’s not on Valentine’s Day, it is close to it.

High school is filled with activities during lunch and usually some kind of dance as well. Send flowers, chocolates, and a song to your significant other or just bring a gift during lunch time or after class. There is also the Sweethearts dance, which is girl’s choice and takes place February 10 at 7:00 p.m.

Valentine’s Day is just an extra day to be extra. Relationships are full of love and dates normally, but on Valentine’s Day it is enhanced and made the norm. Dinner and a movie, picnics, frolicking through a field, hot cocoa, downtown, etc. are all dates that could happen on Valentine’s Day.

During the month of February, spring also has a chance to come. This spring arrival can create some mixed emotions but also make the outside warmer and help people get out. Dinner dates and movies will still happen, but maybe the picnics and frolicking will be more likely with spring here.

When people think about Valentine’s Day, they think about love, love, love. This is actually historically correct. St. Valentine was a priest who served in ancient Rome and watched his town’s marriage rights get abolished and thought it was not right. He continued to perform marriages in secret. His actions were discovered and he was sentenced to death.

In England it is believed that February 14 is the beginning of bird mating season. Writing Valentines didn’t begin until the late 1400s. Poems and love letters have been written for hundreds of years and kept safe until now. The earliest valentine written was a poem written by Charles Duke to his wife while in prison. This was written and dated all the way back to 1415.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated today as a day full of love for anybody and everybody. Relationships ranging from a significant other to a single father and his son. Valentine cards are sent out and given to all ages and genders. Candies range from things such as chocolates in a heart shaped box or heart shaped lollipops.

Megaplex theaters, a popular place for movie after your dinner, is doing an all-inclusive dinner and a movie event. Locations vary but this is a fun way to stick with a cliché date and still make it different. Movie choices and restrictions may apply. Find your nearest Megaplex and see if they’re doing this around you.

Valentine’s Day is a day filled with fun, happiness, and love. I feel that this holiday is important to highlight the moments taken for granted every day.