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Joe Harvey looks to make a splash on the swim team

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Joe Harvey looks to make a splash on the swim team


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SWIM may not be the most interesting sport for some to watch, especially when they don’t follow it much. Swimming is mostly thought to be something to go do leisurely with friends and family. But for Joe Harvey (12), he’s looking to get competitive with it.

Harvey has other hobbies other than just swimming all the time, though. “Water Polo, not doing my homework, I enjoy following the NFL, I enjoy playing all the sports in my free time, I enjoy eating food a lot,” Harvey said.

Harvey comes from a family that has participated in swim teams. This is how Harvey found his interest in joining the Granger swim team.

“My whole family were swimmers, my family are state swimmers- I was born in the water,” Harvey said. This is a great advantage for Harvey, because he is able to ask family members that had made it to state meets for tips and tricks on how to become a better swimmer.

Inspiration is a great thing to have, especially if it is one of your parents. It’s what pushes Harvey to be better at his craft and pushes him to accomplish his goals with an effective mindset.

“My dad inspires me, I always wanted to be like him, to be better than him or even come close to his greatness,” Harvey said.

For Harvey, he wants to be great like his family members. He has earned trophies to show that he’s making an impact on the swim team. “I’ve won third place in water polo for two years in state,” Harvey said.

Harvey has big dreams to take swim farther than just high school, maybe even as a career. “I think it would be great to play water polo in college, maybe eventually in the Olympics,” he said.

Though it seems like nothing can slow down his dreams, there is one thing that may hold his decision back. “The one thing that would stop me is serving a mission,” Harvey said.

Since Joe Harvey is putting in the work, time, and effort to accomplish his goals, he may very well see his dreams become a reality.

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Joe Harvey looks to make a splash on the swim team