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Annihilation obliterates the competition


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THIS MONTH, the movie Annihilation is coming out and I think this movie will be a fan favorite. It is about a man who signs up to go on a secret expedition where the laws of nature do not exist.

After his return from the expedition, he is unconscious and unable to function like he used to. As a result, his wife turns her attention to the cause of this tragic situation and seeks answers to her unexplained questions.

Without anyone able to answer her questions, she leaves the civilized world and sets out on a journey to discover what reasons caused the tragic state of her husband.

I am a big fan of adventure/drama movies because it takes viewers on exciting, unexpected adventures throughout the movie.

When I first found out that this movie was coming out this month, I felt and excited and happy to see how the outcome would be when it actually comes out. I also like how they made the trailer interesting to watch because most trailers I usually watch are boring and basic.

In the trailer, I liked the part where the lady went into the secret expedition—known as area X—to find out what the cause for her husband’s tragic injuries. I thought that was a really brave thing to do, especially because she didn’t have to. Inside the expedition, she and a group of other girls discover the unexplained.

They find very distinct creatures that leave them questioning how and why their features look similar to other natural animals in the civilized world. The atmosphere inside looks almost beautiful but does not match the dangerous obstacles they go through.

I admired the courage the group of girls had when they came across dangerous obstacles and how they fought back without hesitating. The trailer has been viewed at least six million times on Youtube and is soon going to rise dramatically when the movie comes out this month.

Annihilation is also famous and known for its brilliant novel written by Jeff Vandermeer. This movie would definitely gain millions of views because there is also a good book that goes with it.

Overall, after watching the trailer and reading the feedback, I think this movie is something to be looking forward to, especially if you’re a big fan of watching dramatic science fiction movies.

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Annihilation obliterates the competition