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Marc E. Bassy’s Gossip Columns is a hit

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Marc E. Bassy’s Gossip Columns is a hit


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MANY MAY know him for some of his previous albums like, “East Hollywood,” but others were introduced/reintroduced to Marc E Bassy in 2016 when he dropped his second EP “ Groovy People.” Maybe some know him by his platinum breakthrough single, “You and Me,” featuring G-Eazy. If you know how good that song is, then you know that the anticipation was high prior to his release of his debut album, Gossip Columns, that dropped on October 13.

This album features artists just as talented, like the already familiar voices of G-Eazy, YG, Kehlani, Kyle, and Bobby Brackins. Bass was interviewed by Bianca Alysse for, and when asked where his inspiration for the album and its name came from he said, “I chose this album title [Gossip Columns] because these tracks are essentially sensationalized stories from my personal life, experience and observation,” Bassy said. Can you say Deep?

Although Bassy points out the personal and emotional side of this album he wants his fans to know what else goes into it. “We put the same amount of effort and care into all the music. The rest is up to the people,” Bassy said. He said this prior to the release of his groovy, storytelling, R&B album. Not only did he give us a little taste of greatness when he dropped a single from the album, “You and Me,” but he let us preview the personal part and one of the features of the album by also releasing “Plot Twist” featuring Kyle earlier in 2017.

Love is a lot of things, and one thing it is for sure is complicated. “Plot Twist” is the perfect song to describe it. When asked where the inspiration for the song came from and what it meant specifically to Bassy he said,  “It’s about when a situation with a love interest turns into something more serious than you thought. [You] thought it was just gonna be [a casual encounter], and then it turns into something more real, and something that lasts longer. And it kinda happened to me. So that’s where the song came from.”  I personally find this very relatable.

My favorite song was hard to choose, but I chose “Made Love first” featuring Kehlani. The song is about their relationship getting complicated by hooking up first before connecting emotionally. The theme is a relatable one. This whole album was a relatable; it was the perfect closure to my feelings and 2017.

Many have wondered what’s next for Bassy, whether it be another album or a tour. The eagerness is real. When asked by Billboard’s Alysse what he had planned, he said, “We are going to do this US tour. And then my team is going to visit Europe in December. We will be in 11 different European cities, for the first time. My band will be playing in small intimate venues. It is really Gossip Columns season. We will be pushing the album everywhere.” All I can say is that we should bring the gossip to Salt Lake City, because after that album, everybody’s gonna be in love with Bassy.

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Marc E. Bassy’s Gossip Columns is a hit