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Students enjoy competition on Granger High Swim Team


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THE SWIM team is currently splashing away the season and leading Granger toward victory. Swim is a sport that isn’t well recognized by everyone. However, the effort that each swimmer puts in is like every other sport.

Unlike other sports, the swim team consider teams from other schools to be family. This includes our rival, Hunter High.

“It’s about finishing the race, not the competition,” Bran Hester (12) said. Though it may sometimes be about competing, the swim team members think it all about being able to finish while continuing to have smiles on their faces.

Finding the correct sport may take more than months. “I tried every other sport, and I found swim and I liked it the most,” KayLynne Grant (10) said.

Every sport has its own unique challenges. As for swim, it is not breathing while swimming in water and being able to learn new techniques that have to be done a certain way. Everyone has his or her own challenges that help a swimmer learn and move forward. “Learning new stuff has to be done in a specific way,” Grant said. Swim is a sport a lot of students don’t recognize as a sport and rather see it as just something that is done for fun.

Like football and basketball, swim is a competitive sport. Involvement in sport is great for making new friends and trying out new experiences, students never know what they’ll hate or like until they try it out. “Do it! You’ll make a lot of friends,” Grant said.

Students should play a sport they love and want to always want to do and talk about. “I can talk about swim for days,” Hester said.

There is always one or two things everyone loves about the sport they play. “What I like most is the physical effort of it,” Hester said.

Swim is a sport a lot of students would not be a interested in, but trying won’t hurt. Taking a class is a good way to test if it is something worth pursuing. “ I fell in love with swim while taking the class in the ninth grade,” Hester said.

Swimmers have goals and they race against other athletes, but also against themselves for what are called personal bests. Other times, it’s all about perseverance. “It is all about finishing the race,” Hester said.

Love and support comes with sport, you’re not winning for yourself, but rather for your team and to reward the hard work all the swimmers put in during practice. “The swim team is like one big family,” Hester said. The swim team as a whole is a great team, because the support they give each other is great.

The swim team is not really recognized by students and is not really talked about in the halls. Not that many students try out at all. The team would be happier if other people tried out to be on the team and enjoyed the sport. The swimmers on the team are all around good swimmers and hard workers, and like any other sport, they compete to win.

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Students enjoy competition on Granger High Swim Team