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Early conditioning may improve Granger’s soccer team team for years to come

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Early conditioning may improve Granger’s soccer team team for years to come


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STAYING active is an essential part of most athlete’s success, and Coach Bewar has implemented early fitness into the agenda for the boys soccer team this year. It should come as no surprise that many of Granger’s sports teams this year want to beat the classic rivals of Granger High School.

Teams tend to take any advantage they can find, and Bewar has decided that starting conditioning early would be a great benefit for the boys looking to try out for the soccer team this year.

“When I coached at previous schools, we started early because we knew it would really help the team. Most kids here don’t have the motivation to work out by themselves, so having an adult figure there to help push them can really get them on the right track. It is a game that requires a lot of work and the kids will realize that they have to be ready to compete.” Coach Bewar said.

Apart from being a great way to become fit for the upcoming season, many of the participants are seeing vast fitness improvements because of the early start, and the athletes think it will put them up top with some of the best teams in the region.

“Many players are getting into the form that is expected, and that is something that I have not seen so far. I think with the hard work and the great coach we have, Granger will take region. We want to change what Granger is known for and winning region would definitely change that,” Martin Cruz (10) said.

Other players seem to think that although the early start to conditioning can be beneficial for most players, others need to be pushed harder than what they have become accustomed to. That way, they can keep a competitive edge.

“Yeah conditioning helps a little, but kids have to do a lot more at home to become better. We really just have to push ourselves to improve. I don’t really think that doing conditioning is going to help us that much or at least as much as it should,” Jorge Gonzalez (12) said.

Some of the younger players also seem to be enjoying the cohesion the team is starting to develop because of conditioning. It isn’t just friendships, it is creating a better team spirit and a more welcoming environment for new players.

“I think that it is great of course. It creates friendships outside of the field and conditioning that allows us to play better. And this year, with the talent we have, we have to be above the rest of the region, so I think this will help us,” Luis Arevallo (10) said.

Despite some criticism from some participants, the majority of players agree that the early start this year has been very advantageous. Some wonder to what extent can this benefit the players participating in the years to come.

“I think it is helping out a lot and I think it is helping some of the players to not be shy. I think that it will also really help out later because we won’t have to be playing catch up with the other schools because we will be ready. I trust the process and hope it can keep going next year too.” Cesar Colorado (10) said.

Perhaps this is a turn in the right direction for Granger’s boys soccer team, a team that has endured some difficult years in the past. The players seem to believe that this year will be their year, and if that turns out to be true, then it can be almost assured they will credit this early start for years to come.

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Early conditioning may improve Granger’s soccer team team for years to come