The free flow of all data on the internet is in jeopardy


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NET NEUTRALITY is freedom in and on the internet. Our freedom on the internet has always been taken for granted by people of all ages, sizes, and shapes. Net neutrality is the concept that keeps that freedom on the net alive and gives us the ability to connect to the internet and browse without any limits or fees.

Right now, we can watch movies and TV, YouTube videos, look up any question in the book, write essays, read books, etc. as much as we want. There are so many possibilities on the internet and net neutrality is the concept that keeps that protected.

Net neutrality is in the line of fire right now, though. In early November, an idea was being discussed by President Trump’s FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai. This idea of killing today’s internet was talked about and put into motion with meetings, voting, and many other things.

Net neutrality is not necessarily about the internet, but it is about the path that has been paved. This path is free and open to anybody and everybody. If this path is destroyed, huge companies like AT&T or Comcast will call all the shots, making certain companies succeed and others crumble.

If you already don’t like paying for your Netflix, Apple Music, Spotify Premium, or any other subscription, net neutrality being taken away will not make you happy either. New laws for the internet means less freedom, and speculations have been made that packages will be added to this. Big bang companies will sell these packages to give you access to certain websites or applications.

This information needs to be known, and word of mouth will be the best way to get this information out and help show people what is going on. More money will be paid just to use the internet. This would violate, rights and it is not OK. The world today runs on the internet, and to have that freedom taken away would make the world crumble.

The FCC has been rejected twice before this when trying to create net neutrality rules. For over a decade, rules were trying to be placed or taken away and being rejected. After the fighting and voting, legislation came out with Title II. Title II makes big companies like Comcast or AT&T common carriers.

Title II is the best possible set of net neutrality rules the FCC could give us. Now, they are trying to get rid of that. Getting rid of Title II will mean that big companies will not treat us equally. We might have to pay for faster internet, or to stream videos and music faster and in better quality.

Net Neutrality is good for small businesses, entrepreneurs, kids, teens, adults- anyone that uses the internet. In particular, small businesses and entrepreneurs would have a very tough time. If net neutrality is lost, making websites for yourself or for others will now be much harder. Emailing people photos or pitching an idea is going to be difficult and slow.

Net neutrality is something we as a community, country, and world in general take for granted. We are a world that needs internet. Now, we might be losing open access to the internet, and it needs to be known. Voting, talking to others about the problems, and getting the information out there helps tremendously. Let’s get the internet back and keep our freedom as people.