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Many GHS Lancers resolve to succeed in their education


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EVERY year, people tend to make new goals for the upcoming year. Most of the Granger Lancers like to put in their time and focus on getting better grades, better attendance, and fewer tardies in school. Most of the goals prioritize getting an overall better education.

“Two New Year’s resolutions I have are getting good grades and getting better at dancing,” Rachelle Medina (10) said. Medina is a member of the dance company at Granger High. She wants to improve so she can try out for drill team next year.
Many students tend to have the same resolution from the year before. They tend to do this year because last time, they didn’t keep it all year long. “I tried to get better in school and be more kind to people, but I never ended up going through with it,” Myriam Valenzuela (9) said.

Multiple Lancers end up never achieving their goals they had set for the year. “I didn’t complete last year’s [resolution] because I got distracted because of the technology there now is,” Medina said. But, also there are many different reasons for why students don’t keep their resolutions.
“I couldn’t keep last year’s because it’s very hard for me to stay on track in school,” Valenzuela said. Others, like Medina, say that it is only because of the technology. Technology has now definitely influenced the way things are at school. Lancers now spend more time focused on their cell phones than any other priorities.
Although many others choose to focus more in school, this Lancer is very different and chooses to focus on something he is very passionate about. “One of my resolutions is to become state champion in wrestling,” Luis Vazquez (11) said.
“I want to prove to myself that I can be the best in my weight class,” Vazquez said. Vazquez had an arm injury that stopped him from wrestling for a while. But, that isn’t going to stop him from working his way to the top of his class.
“My other resolution is to drop down to 120 pounds for wrestling to lose some fat for the season,” Vazquez said. But he also thinks that he won’t be able to keep his resolution after his season ends. Many Lancers don’t believe in themselves enough to keep their resolutions.

There is another Lancer putting her focus elsewhere. “My new year’s resolution is to travel to Mexico more,” Destiny Linan (10) said. Many Lancers like to travel through winter to places that have warmer weather than here in Utah.

“I like going to Mexico ‘cause I feel like myself, and I love being there with family. I think it’ll be hard to succeed with this goal because traveling costs so much money, and it’ll be hard to afford the way there and back home,” Linan said.

Many students will now start to focus on their school work and education more than they used to. Therefore, school progress might improve if Lancers try their hardest to keep and succeed in their resolutions for 2018.

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Many GHS Lancers resolve to succeed in their education