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Mysterious damage repaired by SCUBA Bob

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Mysterious damage repaired by SCUBA Bob


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THERE was a rumor going around Granger that the swimming pool would be out of service due to it being a hazard to the student swimmers. Like many people around the school, nobody knew how or what happened to cause the pool to be closed off.

“I don’t know what happened. When I came in on Wednesday they said that it was broken…they fixed it the same day,” Coach Barlow said.

Even the swimmers of the pool were completely clueless as to what or who broke the pool. One thing was clear: they were not allowed into the pool until the hazard was fixed.

“We were playing on the opposite side of the broken pool playing water polo and we were told to get out,” Anderson Sandoval  (12) said.

The part that broke cycled the water to keep the water clean. Now that its mouth was wide open, anyone could be susceptible to being sucked into it.  It was an enigma for everyone, even the coaches. The coaches did not allow their students to swim with the mysterious grate still broken.

“The grate was broken when we got to practice…it was not safe, it was sharp plastic, you could get cut on it,” Coach Young , the swim team coach, said.

Just like nobody knows what happened to cause the pool to break, nobody knows the exact time when the incident happened. Some have theories as to what could have happened, but there is no proof to justify or debunk these theories.

“It probably happened in between Barlow’s fourth period and my morning’s first period,” Coach Jefferies said. “I have no clue what happened. When we came into class we saw the piece sitting out,” Jeffries said.

There are also some people who pin the blame on another group of swimmers who was not a part of a swimming class. It could have been an after-school group, too.

“I’m not sure, but I think it may be the fitness for life class who might have broken the cage,” Kynzi Bott (12) said.

The process to fix it was a fast and smooth process. There were some tiny setbacks such as getting someone with the right certification to fix the pool and finding the proper gear to safely fix it. It was going to be expensive to call someone in to repair it, but thankfully there was someone here at the school who could fix it. There was only one Lancer who had a license to fix the pool.

“I came in Wednesday morning looked down in the pool and saw the grate was broken,” Bob Pinkerton, a custodian, said. “They needed someone certified and I had a license to do it. I rented an air tank, went home, and grabbed my scuba gear. I had it fixed after 15 minutes. It looked like something fell and hit the grate,” Pinkerton said.

The pool was fixed the same day it was noticed that it was broken. It is now safe to swim in and the pool is running as usual. But the reason as to how or why it broke still remains a mystery.

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Mysterious damage repaired by SCUBA Bob