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Second term woes


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FIRST term may be one of the easiest term of the year. Beginning of the year students are excited for a new year for improvements on grades. Trying to change study habits and turning in work on time for a better year. Teachers do not pass as much homework. Teachers really do not give as much work during first term most are usually passing out disclosures and getting into teaching.

For many students second term is harder than first term. “At the beginning of the year we did not do as much work as we do now,” Edgar Gonzalez (9) said.

Not all students may be failing, but their grades are not like first term’s grades. “I am not failing any classes, but I’m just below on what I expected my grades would be, they dropped a little bit,” Alex Cervantes(10) said.

Not all students think that second quarter is harder “I’m not failing any classes, but my lowest grade is a D-, and that is because I’ve been moving and I’m a bit lazy,” Iyanna Davison (10) said.

The second term is broken up too much by the breaks that happen during the term for Thanksgiving and winter holidays. Many students head out of state to spend time with family. For many students, that leads to missed classes and lower grades

Christmas is also around second quarter so there is Christmas spirit. “They’ve only been in school for a while, and Christmas is around the corner, so it’s hard,” Mr. Hopkins said. That means that second term is shorter than other terms, and it has the longest breaks.

Now is the time to improve grades. Anyone has a chance to grades by staying after school and doing extra work or turning in late assignments Not every teacher allows late work and some things may be possible to make up.

Teachers are often willing to help. “I try to help but I don’t know if they are taking the help,” Mr. Carter said.

Failing a core class may lead to doing packets, credit recovery, or going to summer school. Summer school is common for catching up or getting extra credits. The top reason why a student may fail is usually is because lack of motivation. Students may also be a little discouraged and stressed out during second term. Stress could increase as well. According to Mental Health America’s estimates, 20% of teens are clinically depressed because of school.  

For some students, it all about just passing classes and getting credits, and they’re OK with that. Others want straight A grades, and they can’t even stand to get a C.

So stay strong at the end of second term, because it’s all on the students whether they want to pass with a D or with an A, and hopefully an F is unacceptable for every student.  

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Second term woes