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Teresa series is supernatural


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“YOU DON’T love someone because they’re a dream of perfection. You love them because of the way they meet their challenges.”

If you are interested in reading books in the supernatural and romantic thriller genre, then Telesa may be a book you would be interested in.

In Telesa, the author, Lani Wendt, portrays various forms of heroic acts from the beginning to the end.

After the sudden death of her beloved father, Leila Folger travels to her homeland of Samoa to find out whatever information her relatives have about her mother.

Leila’s father and grandma had promised each other not to speak of Leila’s mother to her; but ever since her father passed away, Leila thought she had the right to know. Leila did not know why her father and grandma keep secrets from her- until now.

I felt that in this part of the book, her father was trying to protect her from something and he didn’t want: Leila to be taken away from him. Ever since then, Leila thinks she has the right to know about her mother.

When Leila settles in with her aunt and uncle in Samoa, she becomes more curious about why they don’t share very much information about her mother.

Leila’s aunt and uncle thinks it’s better not to speak of her because of the history they had with her. When I was reading about this part in the book, I predicted that Leila’s mother didn’t have a good image in the family or village. I was pretty sure Leila was mad, because she did not travel all the way there just to find out nothing.

Later on in the book, Leila’s aunt eventually gave up and confessed that her mother was well and alive. With this new information Leila takes in, she becomes more than determined to find out where she is from and who she is. Leila then came across a boy she had met at school. His name was Daniel Tahi, and he was known to be the most popular.

This part to me was very intriguing because he admired her for her bravery and courage. As I continued reading further on in the book, Leila and Daniel soon developed a strong relationship.

As Leila gathered more information over the time about her mother, and she became more and more curious about what her mother works for. Leila’s mother was a covenant keeper; it was her job to help all the Telesa women with their gifted elements.

This was very interesting because I inferred that somehow, Leila probably inherited her mother’s element of fire. Her newly formed relationships with her aunt, mother and Daniel were a lot to take in for her. The question that always came to her mind was wondering how she would control her powers if she did inherit her mother’s gifted element.

Throughout the book Leila, becomes aware that she has some sort of fire power and the only thing that sets her powers off is being with Daniel.

Her mother tries whatever she can to help Leila control her emotions that make her burst into flames. Leila has to decide whether or not to distance herself from Daniel for the sake of his safety. Leila continues to keep in contact with Daniel even though her mother forbids it.

I could see where Leila’s mother is coming from, I know that all she is trying to do is protect Daniel from getting hurt and keeping Leila’s emotions controlled for a while.

My most favorite part throughout the book was when Leila found out she inherited her mother’s powers and the only thing that could set it was her emotions towards Daniel. I consider book one as one of my favorites out of the 3 books in the Telesa series.


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Teresa series is supernatural