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Fall’s trends feel retro


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WALKING INTO this fall, I’ve seen many fashion trends. Some have surprised me while most trends seem pretty normal for the fall season.
Of course, the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte will always be an essential for the season as well as original fall colors like orange, red, brown, yellow and many more. Despite the classics coming back, there are new trends for 2017.
Forget fall, people are wearing spring floral this year. No more of those plain boring outfits- you’ll see these outfits and think twice about whether it’s fall or spring.
Anyone could wear floral, but girls wear it more often than guys. Yes, some students will think floral is a little girly, but come on Lancers- express yourself. Denim has also made its way into fall: denim jackets, jeans, shirts, and even denim shoes.
Since we’re talking about denim, I have seen multiple denim items that have embroidered designs on them. I’m pretty sure most of you that are reading this have seen a pair of denim that has a rose embroidery.
Personally, I think it’s the right kind of pop to add to the outfit, as it’s aesthetically pleasing. Both online and in school I’ve seen many people wearing the opposite gender’s clothing, and honestly I can’t really tell unless they say so.
Thus, the clothing I will inform you about can be worn by anyone, although I will state who the clothing is more likely to be worn by. There have been many trends from many years ago that made their way into fall 2017- one of which are overalls.
Wearing an outfit that includes overalls with one strap off your shoulder or both straps off so they’re practically jeans with a fold at the waist is such a simple and decent outfit.
The overalls are already your bottoms and for your shirt, you can simply wear plain colorful shirts. In men’s fashion,  I’ve been seeing guys wearing long sleeve shirts or sweaters with their overalls. In women’s fashion I usually see more short sleeves or crop tops with the overalls.

Many 90s clothing items have made their way into 2017. For example, 90s, 80s, and 70s band t-shirts have been seen around in many areas.
Band merchandise is still around and very popular with any age group. When styling band tees, you really don’t need to put much effort into making an outfit.
If you think a pair of plain jeans and the shirt is too basic and boring, you can instead wear distressed jeans with a flannel or a jean jacket. Personally, I think my example outfit looks better on guys, but if you’re a girl that can rock the outfit, feel free to wear it.
I think for girls it looks best to wear it with any high waisted pants with the shirt tucked in, but again that’s just me stating what I think looks better.
“Band tees are a fun way to bring an edge to a casual outfit,” as Best Products provides in their gallery of outfits. I couldn’t agree more with their statement, but to add on I think it’s another way to support your favorite band.
To add on from Best Products, athleisure has been circling around too. Athleisure is merely just athletic clothing like Adidas, Nike, and Puma products. Some students are already wearing these brands around school.
Making an outfit out of athletic clothing is a little easy but also challenging, as nowadays people are wearing athletic clothing for the brand. I can’t really tell why but they do.

It really depends on what you’re wearing, but a basic outfit you can wear is any plain bottoms with your athletic clothing item- pretty simple but still trendy.
Flannels are always a good piece of clothing to add on to your outfit for a little spice. If you’re wearing a very plain outfit you can simply add a flannel and you’ll instantly look stylish.
According to Esquire, 90s nostalgia recently came into everyone’s life again. If you ask me I actually like 90s streetwear more than any other fashion trend. 90s clothing consists of many colors and lots of Tommy Hilfiger, Guess and Levi’s bottoms or tops.
If you’re interested in dressing like people did in the 90s, the first thing to do is go thrifting. Thrift shops contain so many vintage items you can make multiple outfits with.
Recently I’ve been observing many student outfits and what I’ve seen is many 90s outfits and expensive brands being worn throughout the school. This makes me want more students to be trendsetters, not followers. We clearly need new trends, and our students should start them.

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Fall’s trends feel retro